Pamper Your Pooch: International Dog Day 2022


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Founded almost twenty years ago in the US by dog lover and pet expert Colleen Paige, International Dog Day was born on the 26th August 2004 with an aim to encourage aspiring puppy parents to adopt a furry friend in need and raise awareness for animal welfare.

In the last year or so, more of us than ever have welcomed a four-legged friend into our lives and homes. From plush bedding to fun toys and chic accessories, we’ve put together a list of essentials to keep them happy and healthy and set tails wagging...

Special Treats / Chalabala

Whether your pooch is an avid foodie or not, mealtimes are the most important part of their day with their beloved bowl being one of their most prized possessions. Since it’s usually out on display in your home, why not opt for something a little more stylish?

Don't Stop Retrievin'

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Why not extend mealtimes into playtime? If your pup is a fast eater then choosing a treat puzzle will slow them down, allowing them to digest their food properly whilst engaging their minds.

Offering a variety of toys is great for enriching your dog’s life. Flavoured bone alternatives are great for keen chewers and help clean their teeth whilst soft toys provide a level of comfort (or something to throw around). If your dog prefers more rough play, then a durable tug toy is perfect for playing tug-of-war providing hours of fun for you to enjoy together.

Walk on the Wild Side

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From great adventures and country rambles to park runs and power walks, it’s important to ensure your dog is kitted out accordingly. A comfortable collar complete with a visible tag means they can easily be identified whilst a sturdy harness is great for those over-excited pups who love to pull.

Opting for a sturdy lead with an ergonomically designed handle will keep your hands comfortable whilst an extendable lead gives them the freedom explore their surroundings and sniff safely.

And who can forget a trusty tennis ball? Fetch is the perfect way to practice recall and will give them plenty of exercise wherever they are in the world.

Sleeping Houndly


We all want the very best for our pets, so let’s make sure they have the perfect sleeping spot. With adult dogs sleeping up to fourteen hours a day and puppies up to twenty, it’s important to choose the right size bed for optimum comfort. A compact design is perfect for smaller breeds whilst an extra plump mat is perfect for larger hounds that tend to stretch out. If your pooch prefers to snuggle up, then an enclosed design will make them feel extra safe and secure.

For those with a penchant for sofa surfing, you may want to protect your surfaces so opting for a plush blanket with extra snooze-appeal is an easy alternative. With an array of designs to match your interior, choosing a machine washable fabric means you quickly clean up those muddy paw-prints.

Best in Show

Wild One
Mutts & Hounds

Pampering your pooch with regular grooming is important for their general wellbeing. Washing their coat with a gentle shampoo and brushing through their locks to remove any knots and debris will ensure they always feel comfortable (plus they’ll smell great too).

Why not protect their perfectly groomed fur from the elements with a durable coat? Keep them dry with a water-repellent jacket. Short-haired breeds may need an extra layer in the cooler months so opting for something padded or with a fleece lining will keep them nice and warm.

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