Birthday Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

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Whether it’s your dad, your husband or your brother, men are always tricky to buy for - particularly when they already have everything and seem to want for nothing. Not to fear, though, we have ideas for great gifts for men to celebrate their birthday - or even just to give them a ‘just because’ gift.

What Is a Good Gift for a Man?

Every man is different, and it’s always a good idea to buy presents according to their interests. If you’re stuck for ideas, though, there are some things that you just can’t go wrong with as a gift for him.

From wireless chargers to bluetooth speakers, tech-based gifts are always a good idea. Both practical and stylish, these gifts are perfect for men who love gadgets. No one can ever have too many speakers dotted around the house - if they already have one, they can simply set their new one up in a different room.

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Many men are guilty of not taking enough time out for themselves to rest and relax. Why not help them out by gifting them a cosy dressing gown? Perfect for relaxing in after a long soak in the bath, bathrobes come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit every man.

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For the man who loves whipping up new creations in the kitchen, why not give him something to aide him on his culinary adventures? From salt blocks, perfect for barbecuing, to raclette sets, the options are endless for keen cooks.

Help them to look their best with grooming gifts. For the bearded man in your life, create a beard care kit with oil, a beard brush and other essentials. Or help them to find their new signature fragrance by gifting a scent you think they’ll love.

What Is the Best Gift for Fathers?

Struggling to come up with ideas for your dad? You’re not alone. Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but we have some ideas that we think they’ll love.

Board games are something you can enjoy together with your dad, making them a gift he’ll be super grateful for. Go for a game you used to play together when you were younger, or get something brand new that will become your future shared favourite. A nice chess set or backgammon board are both classic choices - or go for a beautiful wooden poker set for something completely different.

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Even if your dad seems to have everything already, there’s always room for more books. He’ll appreciate a beautiful coffee table book on one of his favourite subjects, or give him a new cookbook - you never know, he might even make you dinner.

Speaking of cooking, if your dad is a keen chef, he’ll appreciate new cookware. Pots and pans are something you never really want to invest in yourself, so he’ll be delighted with a brand new stainless steel saucepan or casserole dish.

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What Do You Get a Man for His 40th Birthday?

What should you get for the man who has it all when they have a big birthday coming up? Why not go for an experience gift that you can enjoy together? Creating special memories is something that they’ll treasure forever. If they love food, take them out for a delicious meal, or if they’re a keen runner, why not enter a race together? You could take them on a short break to somewhere they’ve always dreamed of visiting or perhaps treat them to wine or whisky tasting event.

What Do You Get a Man for His 60th Birthday?

A milestone occasion like a 60th birthday deserves a special gift. You could throw a surprise party, inviting all of his family and friends to celebrate him. Ask everyone to write their favourite memories of him in a beautiful guest book which you can present him with at the event. Dig out old photographs of him throughout his life and either display them in your venue or create a keepsake memory book so he has another sentimental gift to take away from the big event.

He’ll love that more than any gift you could buy him - but just in case, you can never go wrong with a set of whisky glasses and a bottle of his favourite single malt to go along with them. Cheers to that.