Towelling Buying Guide

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Ensure you select the right towel for your needs with our helpful hints on materials, sizes, weights and care instructions found below:


Each towel is measured with a GSM (grams per square metre) which measures the weight of the cotton woven into each square metre of the fabric. Please note, heavier designs do not always mean better quality and absorbency; this is impacted by the type and quality of cotton used.

Heavy 700gsm Substantial, luxurious, and absorbent
Medium 400-600gsm Lighter, cooler, and faster drying than heavyweight but just as absorbent
Lightweight 100-300gsm Quick to dry and easy to pack often woven from thicker cotton to provide extra surface to maintain absorbency
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Towel Composition

Zero Twist

To give strength to towels, yarns are twisted numerous times. With an inferior material, fabrics are often spun multiple times for a strong finish. However, superior materials are naturally stronger, such as Egyptian cotton. Therefore, fewer twists are required. Zero Twist generally indicates that the towel is high quality and naturally soft; quick drying, the towel feels thick and strong but is lightweight.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton has been combed to remove short, uneven fibres resulting in a very soft and absorbent towel that will not go hard after washing and will last longer.
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Standard Sizes

Towel Size
Intended Use
Face Towel 30x30cm Designed for face and brief body washes
Guest Towel 40x75cm Perfect for a guest bathroom in place of a hand towel
Hand Towel 55x100cm Hang to dry hands
Bath Towel 70x140cm Ideal for everyday use after showering
Bath Sheet 100x150cm To wrap up completely after a relaxing bath
Beach Towel 90x180cm The larger size is perfect for both drying off and lounging poolside
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Towel Care

To ensure your towel remains soft and fluffy throughout its lifespan, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always wash before first use to allow each towel to achieve maximum absorbency and remove any loose cottons and pile

  • If cottons come loose or ‘pulls’ simply cut them down to level the rest of the towel, this in no way impacts the quality of the towel

  • Always wash white towels on a white wash

  • Avoid using a fabric conditioner as this reduces absorbency

  • Never use bleach on a towel

  • Tumble dry with dryer balls to help aerate the material

Please note, whilst these instructions are accurate always check individual labels and care instructions on each towel.

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