Quilt Buying Guide — What Size Quilt Do You Need?

Luxury quilt by The Fine Bedding Company
The Fine Bedding Company

A quilt is a relatively long term investment, so it’s worth taking a short time to figure out the best filling and size for you and your bed. We’ve put together a definitive buying guide to help you get the best night’s sleep.

Quilt Filling


Down The most luxuriously soft quilt filling that money can buy, down is the perfect choice if you're looking to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting quilt. Down is made from the fluffiest feathers of the bird's breast area, making it a sumptuously soft and light choice - while retaining unbeatable warmth.


Feather quilt fillings are, like down, warm and breathable. The main difference is that the feathers used here are coarser and larger, meaning your quilt is not as soft and light as down. Feather quilt fillings are substantially cheaper than down.

Feathers and Down

For a practical compromise between warmth, softness and affordability, a feather and down combination quilt is a safe bet. These quilts mix strong, warm feathers and light, soft down to create a comfortable quilt for all seasons.



Microfibre fillings are made up of ultra-fine strands of polyester, woven together with pockets of air that trap warmth. Microfibre fillings are ultra-soft and lightweight, and are the most sensible choice for allergy sufferers. Synthetic quilts can also be washed at home.


Hollowfibre fillings are similar to microfibre; they are incredibly warm. However hollowfibre fillings are more wiry and less supple than microfibre, so it definitely a matter of personal preference.


Silk filled quilts are the ultimate choice for a luxury synthetic filling. These quilts are hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite resistant - perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Tog Rating

Luxury quilt
The Fine Bedding Company

A duvet's tog rating is a measure of its ability to trap air and keep you warm and cosy at night. The higher the tog rating, the warmer your quilt. Below are some of the most common tog ratings for quilts at Amara:

  • 4.5 tog rating This quilt is ultra-lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer nights

  • 10.5 tog rating A quilt with this tog rating will be perfect for all seasons, or as a quilt to see you through spring and autumn.

  • 13.5 tog rating One of the warmest quilts you can buy, a quilt of this tog rating is perfect for cold nights or if you prefer to be kept very warm and snug in bed.

What size Quilt do you need?

This can depend on the size of your bed, but also your height. You need a quilt that’s about 20-30cm longer than you are tall - which will prevent you from getting cold toes. As a general guide for getting a quilt to fit your bed size, take a look at this table.

Quilt Sizes

Quilt Size Measurement

Single Quilt 135x200cm (53 x 73 inches approx)

Double Quilt 200x200cm (78 x 78 inches approx)

King Quilt 230x220cm (90 x 86 inches approx)

Super King Quilt 260x220cm (102 x 86 inches approx)

What type of pillow is the best?

Luxury white pillows

Fillings for pillows can be very similar, if not identical to the quilt fillings. However, there are some exceptions. You have the usual microfibre, or hollowfibre options, but you can find memory foam, goose/duck down, miniball clusters and even water pillows on the market. Our favourites are:

Pillows also coming three firmness ratings: soft, medium and firm. It really comes down personal preference, but it’s often worth considering that you might want a firm pillow to sleep on, and perhaps a softer pillow for sitting up in be with. Take a look at our pillow buying guide for more details.

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