The Benefits of Weighted Blankets and Five Others


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Blankets and throws always have and always will be a home staple. From that extra layer on the end of the bed to the cosy number you wrap yourself up in on the sofa or even that old one you use for picnics, we use blankets throughout our living space. But what types of blankets are out there? We take a look at the benefits of each…

Weighted Blankets

Relatively new on the blanket scene but taking the world by storm are weighted blankets. But what are they? And why is everybody talking about them?

Extra heavy blankets designed for therapeutic purposes, weighted blankets act like a big hug through deep pressure stimulation, a technique used to relax the body’s nervous system turning a hands-on therapy into a hands-off activity you can do at home.

A technique proven to increase the release of dopamine and serotonin whilst decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and promoting the production of melatonin thus providing a plethora of benefits.

weighted blanket on bed

A weighted blanket promotes a deep and restful sleep by creating a calming effect and melting away anxiety, fostering a sense of stillness for racing minds and restless legs helping you to ‘switch off’ from the day. Increased serotonin levels and restful sleep through using a weighted blanket can; reduce the symptoms of menopause; calm people with sensory disorders; help manage OCD and ADHD; lessen negative symptoms of autism; help treat PTSD; soothe panic disorders and even lower the frequency of seizures.

The right weight for a weighted blanket should be between 8% to 10% of your body weight and should not be used for children under three. If you suffer from any medical conditions such as respiratory issues or sleep apnoea, make sure you do your research and talk to a medical professional before use.

Wool Blankets

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The classic blanket if you will, the wool blanket is often associated with chunky knit styles, but they can also be fine woven too. Usually beautifully soft, they are warm and cosy too and can also promote a better quality of sleep. Wool doesn’t hold moisture meaning its less likely to be a breeding ground for bacteria or mildew. Often used for firemen’s uniforms, wool is fire-resistant thus offering that extra sense of security and safety.

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Cotton Blankets

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Much easier to care for than wool, cotton blankets do a great job at mimicking woollen throw designs and are also used for more sleek styles too. Cotton has as the ability to absorb moisture and reflect heat, allowing your skin to breathe and regulate your body temperature, providing the perfect blanket for anyone that likes to snuggle up under something but doesn’t want to get too hot.

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Cashmere Blankets

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The ultimate in luxury, cashmere is also a popular choice for blankets and is one of the most decadent materials you can add to your home. It does come with a higher price tag but offers a host of benefits too. Known for its exquisite softness, it’s up to eight times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool but is also extremely lightweight so you don’t need to reach for a bulky blanket when you feel a chill. It also has excellent temperature adaptability due to the high moisture content in the wool, meaning it will keep you cool in summer too.

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Fleece Blankets

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Super soft, fleece blankets might not have always been known for their style factor but you can’t beat them for wrapping up in on chilly nights. Certain brands like Zoeppritz Since 1828 have transformed the way we see fleece blankets, giving them a chic style update but retaining their exceptionally soft texture and practical care benefits.

Quilts, Bedspreads & Comforters

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Called many different things all over the world, these types of blanket are usually used on top of the bed either as a decorative finishing touch or for an added layer of warmth. Wonderfully thick, they are often quilted and filled with either synthetic or natural fibres such as feathers. Not quite as weighty as a weighted blanket, they are however bulkier than the other varieties we’ve mentioned so not as easy to use on the sofa.

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