Top Tips to Plan a Personal Wedding

Top Tips to Plan a Personal Wedding

Organising your wedding can undoubtedly be one of the most stressful times in your entire life. You want everything to be perfect, from the dress to the cake and all the details in between, but it can be all too easy to get lost in table plans and dessert choices. Before you know it you’ve created a wedding monster, an event so far removed from what you really wanted, missing those personal touches that really make a wedding. Fear not, we have rounded up the experts to help you create that all important personal wedding, a day about you, for you, and one you’ll never forget.

Michelle Kelly and Vicki DeBlasi are creative event designers known as Pocketful of Dreams. Passionate about creating beautiful experiences, they design, style and deliver a whole host of events from weddings to special celebrations, all tailored to their clients’ own tastes and personalities. With a penchant for beautifully handcrafted touches and exquisite attention to detail, all of their events remain unique, personal and true to the individual.

Pocketful of Dreams believe that your wedding should be your day, told creatively. Here they share their top tips on creating a personal wedding day…

1) Define your wedding vision – think about what is important to you both and how you want to feel on the day. Do you want it to be fun, heartfelt, romantic, full of surprises, respectful of traditions or the party to end all parties? If you’re struggling to work out what those important elements are then try thinking about other weddings you’ve been to and aspects you really enjoyed.

2) Forget wedding style and think personal style – before you get immersed in the world of wedding pretty, look to yourselves and have a think about your own personal styles. If the two of you are lovers of the outdoors and spend your spare time getting up-close-and-personal with nature then a rustic, pared back look is likely to be a better fit for you than a wedding day embodying 1920’s vintage glamour. By focusing less on wedding trends and more on yourselves, you can create a day that is not only beautiful but will really feel like your own personal day.

3) Think about what makes your relationship special – are there key moments or shared experiences that define your relationship? Did you meet whilst travelling for example or do you have a particularly special proposal story? Think about how others would describe your relationship and consider how you can subtly weave these elements into your day.

4) Searching for Inspiration – once you have a sense of the sort of day you want to create you can start the really fun part: looking for inspiration! But don’t just stick to the wedding magazines and blogs, flick through your favourite fashion, lifestyle, design and travel magazines for images and ideas. And don’t forget to look closer to home. Look at how you’ve decorated your home, the clothes in your wardrobe and think about the colours, textures and styles you are drawn to in your everyday life.

By following these key steps you can create a wedding day that is not only beautiful and stylish but also unique and truly personal to the two of you.

There’s no such thing as too much good advice, if you’re still looking for help creating the perfect wedding and would like the Pocketful of Dreams ladies to assist then get in touch here at

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