Neom Organics’ Nicola Elliott talks Contentment

Neom Organics’ Nicola Elliott talks Contentment

Neom Organics have revolutionised the luxury home fragrance and bath market with their holistic approach and organic promise. Former magazine Editor and founder of Neom Organics, Nicola Elliott takes time out from her hectic life and talks to the LuxPad about their latest scent creation, Contentment…

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Now I am in spring mode. Seeing the snowdrops and the daffodils break their way through fills me with excitement. There’s just something about seeing the blooms that really re-instils to me, what Neom is all about and what I always wanted it to be back in 2005 when the Neom business idea popped into my head and I was working for Glamour magazine (the bestselling women’s magazine in the UK)!

I never wanted the customer choosing Neom to sacrifice the quality of a product just for its organic status – on the absolutely contrary. Neom products always had to be effective, luxurious as well as organic; we place huge emphasis on this when creating anything new. Being well-known for products which use organic ingredients and harness pure essential oils and for their fragrance (as well as their treatments) – we really do only use what nature has to offer to provide our customers combinations of exciting and never-done before scents in the most luxurious way possible. This could not be truer than in our newest home fragrance launch, Contentment where I wanted to create a blackcurrant fragrance.

The scent of blackcurrant usually only comes from a synthetic source so in the past we haven’t been able to do it. In my experience someone saying it can’t be done, usually just means they have never done it before. So we got to the challenge of creating that familiar blackcurrant with only what nature has to offer. We worked on in excess of 150 trials of a scent blend, using a plant we discovered from South Africa, whose leaves, when steam-distilled smell remarkably like blackcurrant.

So, this spring, thanks to the hard-working product development team at Neom, I am thrilled we’re able to offer Contentment which blends the oils of the buchu and peppers it with nutmeg and ginger offering our customers something unusual, exciting and natural. Enjoy.
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This revolutionary new scent already has one celebrity fan; The Daily Mail recently reported that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, has been enjoying the benefits of the Contentment scented candles to overcome her morning sickness. If it’s good enough for Kate and Kensington Palace it’s good enough for us! Contentment candles and fragrance diffuser now available.

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