Roddy Clarke

Design Journalist & Creative Director With a breadth of skills and hands-on industry experience, Roddy works as a journalist covering many areas of design with a strong focus on the positive social and environmental impacts it can have. A regular contributor to titles including Forbes, The Financial Times and the London Evening Standard, he is also working on a new online restoration platform, The Restoration Collective. His passion for interiors, antiques and sustainability stems from a young age, learning directly from his father - a China and Porcelain restorer. Igniting a keen interest for reconditioning and handling luxury items, he moved into the industry where he spent over four years managing multiple restoration projects for private clients, stately homes and larger public spaces. It was here that he gained extensive design knowledge, as well as discovering the limits of working with antiques and vintage items. Upon moving to London some years later, Roddy then focused his energy on the furniture retail industry. Working as a freelance stylist and offering creative direction for brands led him back to his roots to discover the true purpose of design and its role within a future society where a conscious ethos and a beautiful aesthetic can be successfully merged.


Instagram: @roddyclarkedesign