Emily from The Pink House Talks Passion for Writing & Blogging Advice

Emily Murray from The Pink House blog
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Emily Murray from The Pink House is well known for her witty writing skills which hail from her days as a lifestyle journalist for various glossy magazines, so it was only fair that she went home with the Best Written Blog Award at the 2017 Amara Interior Blog Awards. Discussing how her writing has changed since starting the blog and her advice for newbie bloggers, The IBA Blog sits down with Emily for a quick interview…

What inspired you to start your blog?

I always knew I wanted to start my own business after having kids, and I also knew I wanted writing to form the basis of any business I started. So a blog seemed like the obvious answer, especially with the demise of print magazines – my previous career. The Pink House blog is only the beginning of The Pink House brand and business.

Emily from The Pink House in front of her pink door
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Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Know – like really KNOW – who you are writing for. The better you know your reader, the easier it will be to write for them, and the better content you will create. I started by writing a pen portrait of my core reader, so I knew everything about her, from where she liked to shop, to what she had for breakfast. It really helps whenever I wonder whether a blog post is relevant for The Pink House’s readers – I just ask myself: would SHE love it?

Where do you think your blog will take you now?

The blog has been brilliant for establishing what The Pink House is all about, both aesthetically, and in terms of content: fabulous family living, despite the kids! Now people know The Pink House brand, it’s time to take it offline, and into new areas – but don’t worry; the blog will continue to run alongside all of The Pink House’s other projects…

The Pink House living room
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Has your writing style changed since you became a blogger? Does it differ from your writing as a journalist?

My favourite type of writing as a journalist was first-person opinion pieces, in which I used my own voice and experiences, and in some ways this has just carried through into The Pink House. However, writing for The Pink House has allowed me to be even more expressive and true to my own voice. I swear a bit more now too…

What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far through blogging?

Never underestimate the power of Instagram to build your blog! I started @pinkhouseliving two years ago as a way to test out ideas for the blog, but it’s grown into its own kind of mini blog – a great companion to the longer form pieces on www.pinkhouse.co.uk which allows me to be even more interactive with The Pink House Guests.