Social Media for Bloggers: The Complete Guide for Interior Design Bloggers

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Social media can be a minefield.

With so many platforms to choose from, knowing where to focus your time is crucial as before you know it you could have spent hours on social media and see no real benefit for your blog.

Don’t let social media become a time suck.

There are so many traffic and audience boosting opportunities, let’s take a look at where you need to focus.

It is important to not spread yourself too thinly when it comes to your blog’s social media accounts so our social media for bloggers guide will guide you through the big four platforms; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


This is where you should focus most of your efforts, Instagram is the fastest growing social platform and also comes with the highest engagement rates compared to other networks.

Key Tip for Instagram

Never forget your bio link is your single greatest asset you have as your Instagram following grows. This is the only link you have control over on your entire profile as Instagram does not allow for links in posts.

So when you launch a new blog post, add it to the bio link and then post an image from the post on Instagram. Include ‘Link in bio’ in the caption, and watch traffic rise on your blog.

How to Make The Most of Instagram

Post Consistently – You need to be consistent with your content. If you posted once a week or once every few days then people wouldn’t know when to expect your new amazing imagery or content from you.

Instead, your strategy should involve posting at least once per day (ideally up to 5 times a day). This can be tough, especially if you have a hungry crowd of followers eager for your next post.

To achieve this you need to plan your posts in advance where possible, prepare your images in advance and use a tool such as Later to schedule your Instagram posts.

AMARA Instagram header

Use Hashtags (in Comments) – We have found the Instagram post description area to be very sacred ground. As such, we recommend to avoid using hashtags in the description and instead focus on writing compelling copy.

You can then comment on your own post with any related hashtags you want to use and these have the same impact as if you include them in the description. Ask Users to Tag a Friend – A great way to engage your audience as well as increasing your reach is to ask users to tag their friends. You need to give them a purpose to and an incentive such as a competition would be ideal – this can lead to posts going viral.

Double Tap if You Agree – A ‘sneaky’ trick some might call this one. A small tactic that some Instagram uses when posting question-based posts is asking users to double tap if they agree. This automatically likes the post and can lead to posts going viral. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

Add some emojis – Emojis are now commonplace in all forms of online communication, with nearly 50% of all Instagram captions and comments including an emoji. Creatively using emojis (don’t overdo it) can lead to up to 400% more engagement on your posts.

Share 4 Share – An underused tactic by bloggers is the partnership shoutout, team up with a friend with a similar amount of followers and do a shout out to them and encourage your followers to follow them, and vice versa. This is an extremely scalable tactic that can drive a lot of new followers. Be careful not to overdo it though as you might lose followers if you just post shout-outs.


This is potentially a traffic goldmine for your blog. Do not underestimate the potential power of Pinterest – on its own it could make your blog.

Being part of such a visually focused industry, it is really not surprising how much traffic you can drive from Pinterest.

Key Tip for Pinterest

Set Your Blog up For Pinterest Success – There are certain aspects of your blog which you need to make ‘Pinterest Ready’ to maximise the potential success of driving traffic from Pinterest. This includes:

Having a prominent link to your Pinterest profile Having a ‘Pin It’ overlay on all of your images (especially the portrait ones) Having a general ‘Share to Pinterest’ social sharing buttons (at the top and bottom, or scrolling down the side) How to Make The Most of Pinterest

Post Consistently – To make people realise it’s worth their while to follow you, you need to have a clear agenda for your account as well as filling it with plenty of amazing imagery. You should be aiming for at least 5 and up to 30 pins per day. Use tools such as Later or Boardbooster to get started with scheduling in advance.

Join Group Boards – Joining group boards is a great way to get your pins (and therefore your profile) more widely known. Find group boards on your blog/business area, check the requirements and then see if you can join. We have our own Blogger Inspiration board with a lot of followers and contributors that could be a great place for you to start if you are an interiors blogger.

AMARA living Pinterest group board

Post the right ‘type’ of Posts – There has been a lot of research on different pins and working out what the optimum ‘pin’ looks like. So, what makes a perfect Pinterest image? These are the winning characteristics: No human faces, little background, multiple colours, lots of red, moderate light and colour, portrait style. Now, you’re not always going to be able to create the perfect Pinterest image. But if you can try to as many of these elements as possible you’ll frequently be able to create a viral one.

Write Strong Descriptions – People search Pinterest A LOT, for product ideas, for inspiration, for pretty much everything. So describing your pin’s well will ensure they show up more often Pinterest search and therefore you’ll get more engagement, followers, and traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Brand Your Images – Put your logo on every pin you upload that is your image. This will increase your blog’s brand awareness if any of your pins do end up going viral. Don’t overpower the image with it, a simple placement in the corner or centre at the bottom should suffice.


The largest of the big four social media platforms and you can know that your audience is definitely using the platform (because everyone is). However, reaching your audience is getting increasingly difficult with the organic reach of Facebook pages almost non-existent for most pages. This is not to say you still can’t capitalise on Facebook.

Key Tip for Facebook

Don’t waste too much time – Facebook can potentially be the largest time suck of all of the big four platforms for the least return that you get for that time spent. So be careful being distracted by your news feed when you are publishing on Facebook, only do what you came for and then get off.

How to Make The Most of Facebook

Join Groups – Facebook groups are really strong right now so you should look to join a range of them and see what works for you. Look for both blogging communities and interior design based groups (that fit your niche) to find the right places to engage with other bloggers or interior design enthusiasts. Jenny at Seasons in Colour runs a great Interior Bloggers Support Group.

Test Paid Boosting – If you want to accelerate your traffic and engagement from Facebook and have a little budget to play with then paying for them by using Facebook ‘Boosted Posts’ is worth doing. You can get relevant clicks to your site from as little as £0.02 (YES 2p!) per click and these can be highly targeted to the audience you want to have on your blog.

how to boost a facebook post

Use Video – Facebook is a very big believer in the power of video content, so much so it gives an extra special boost to video posts compared to image posts with text posts bringing up the rear in terms of performance. They don’t need to be fancy, can be stop motion, a quick 30-second guide, anything, just test it out.


Traffic from Twitter is often rare to come across, however as a conversion powered social media it is fantastic. It’s a great place to engage with other bloggers, share their content, send compliments, say thank you, everything that might not be worth an email.

Key Tip for Twitter

Focus on Other People – It’s unlikely that Twitter will ever be a huge driver of traffic to your blog but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilise it. It’s a fantastic place for networking, engaging with fellow bloggers and answering questions. So take the focus off yourself, and share other blogger’s content and make sure you mention them when you do so, they’ll be grateful and it can help build your blogging relationships.

How to Make The Most of Twitter

Remember the lifespan of a Tweet – In case you didn’t know, the average lifespan of a Tweet is just 17 minutes (there are exceptions to this rule but unless you go mega-viral it’s pretty standard). So don’t be afraid of tweeting too close to your last tweet if it is over an hour it’s definitely okay to put another one out.

Follow Who You Want To Follow You – The days of the ‘follow back’ might be over, but you should still be aiming to follow a lot of people when you first get on Twitter if you catch someone’s eye and they check out your profile and you are following them already, they are much more likely to then follow you in return.

Ask Questions – Just like you should be answering questions when you see them, don’t be afraid to ask some questions. It’s a great way to engage your followers and start a conversation with them. Whether it’s product or brand recommendations, or even if you are just visiting a new country and want some ideas what to do there, ask away.

Use Emojis – Similarly to Instagram, get your emoji-game on and use relevant emojis in your tweets and bio. This is a sure fire way of boosting your engagement on Twitter.

Include Images in all Your Tweets – Tweets with images receive over 150% more retweets than tweets without images, so what are you waiting for, get some images in there.

Get to work. Now you have some tactics to try out, go to work interior bloggers.