Interview with Rockett St George, Winner of Best Company Blog

First up in our IBA17 winners’ interview series is Rockett St George who took home the Best Company Blog award at this year’s ceremony. We chat to Chloe Crismani who writes the company’s blog about advice for new bloggers and where the Rockett St George blog will take them now…

What inspired you to start your blog? As a company blog we wanted a creative space to express our brand identity but also share our own ideas and interiors-know-how with our customers and offer them something more than just a place to buy beautiful things.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

We really focused on our content for the blog this year and after winning the award it has shown us that all of the planning has paid off. Finding your voice and own style of writing is your foundation, so then you need to ask yourself what your passions are, what you love to write about and what would be interesting to others. We looked at what our customer and readers were interested in, put it all down on paper and then aligned those things with what we do as a brand to fine tune what we write about.

playing cards wall art from Rocket St George
Rocket St.George

Where do you think your blog will take you now?

We’d like to expand our blog and start planning our own shoots to go along with content to create a richer experience for our reader.

How does your blog enrich your business? Does it enhance it?

Our blog is part of who we are as a business. RSG was started by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George who are both passionate about sourcing unique treasures for the home and love to spend their free time re-decorating and rearranging furniture. Our online homewares emporium certainly served their treasure-hunting obsession, but we still needed a medium to share our interior passions … so the RSG Blog was born. We share just about everything that we love on the blog, including our decor tips, favourite interior trends, decorating mistakes and also our favourite cultural finds including new restaurant openings, our go-to exhibitions and our favourite places to travel. Rockett St George is not just about selling homewares, but about helping customers break free from chain store offerings and stamp personality on their homes and the blog enriches and enhances this goal.

golden hand chair and table from Rocket St George
Rocket St.George

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from blogging?

To remain faithful to the original purpose for setting up the blog in the first place: namely to share our passion for home interiors. Although the RSG blog is a business blog, we try and remain true to ourselves and only blog about topics that we care about rather than trying to sell a particular item or thing. Our blog is a way to express our passion for interiors and so it’s important to remain authentic to that.