Blogging Goals 2020: Get Set For The Year Ahead

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If you are serious about blogging, especially if you want to become a full-time blogger, you need to set yourself a blogging goal every year.

This could be a commitment to blogging a certain amount of times per week/month, it could be winning an award, or looking to grow your email list to a certain amount.

Why Set Blogging Goals?

You might be wondering what is the point in setting blogging goals, you know what you’re doing so just do more. Well…

1. Goals Give You Focus

By setting goals for yourself you give yourself a target to shoot for. This sense of direction is what allows your mind to focus on a target and rather than waste energy shooting aimlessly, allows you to hit your target and reach your goal.

2. Goals Allow You To Measure Progress

By setting goals for yourself you are able to measure your progress because you always have a fixed endpoint or benchmark to compare with.

3. Goals Help You Overcome Procrastination

When you set a goal for yourself you make yourself accountable to finish the task. This is in complete contrast with when you do things based off a whim and it doesn't matter whether you complete them or not.

4. Goals Give You Motivation

The root of all the motivation or inspiration you have ever felt in your entire life are goals. Goal setting provides you the foundation for your drive. By making a goal you give yourself a concrete endpoint to aim for and get excited about.

Convinced yet? Thought so, let’s see how to set your blogging goals...

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In my previous role in SEO and content marketing, I worked very closely with our editorial and PR teams to form a calendar of content and promotions in line with what was happening over the following year (from seasons and National holidays to fashion shows and film launches). Every month we'd hold a meeting to recap the coming 4-week plan and I believe that blogging should be no different. Planning a schedule ahead of time gives you a clear goal and something to focus on when you find yourself hitting a wall! It also means you don’t miss out on those big events or key trends that will garner the traffic you’re looking for. Of course, it’s important not to be too rigid either — seeing it as more of a framework into which you can introduce more spur of the moment articles will help to create a balance between on-trend and of the moment. Selina Kerley, McQueens the Blog

How to Set Blogging Goals?

The first step to setting your blogging goals is to understand where you want to be in 12 months time. Most bloggers strive to one day turn from a part-time blogger into a full-time pro blogger so you need to work out what you need to do over the next 12 months to work towards that ambition.

  • Would you like the esteem of winning an award for your blog?
  • Would you like to reach your next milestone in traffic (1000,5000,10,000… per month)?
  • Is this the year you finally start taking building your email list seriously?
  • Have you had a few initial inquiries about sponsored posts on Instagram and want to double down there?

Wherever it is you want to improve, that can be your goal. Using the above examples, if the answer was yes to each one your goal for each could be:

  • In 2020, I will win an Amara Interior Blog Award (other blogging awards are available)
  • In 2020, I will reach 10,000 visitors per month by the end of the year
  • In 2020, I will take my email subscribers from 0 to 1,000 by the end of the year
  • In 2020, I will grow my Instagram following from 10,000 to 50,000 by the end of the year

A quick word of warning, don’t set yourself too many goals. Where possible set yourself just ONE to focus on, for a couple of reasons:

Putting 100% of your focus into ONE goal means you are much more likely to achieve it as you have fewer distractions. In working towards that goal, you will inevitably grow other parts of your blog. For example, one of the side effects of growing your email list is that you will also grow your traffic.

Be bold, aim high with your goals. Don’t set yourself an easy target or you won’t have the motivation to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to go for a number higher than you think is possible. As long as you stay determined and focused - you can do it!

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How to Keep to your Blogging Goals?

Now you’ve decided what your goal(s) are going to be, it’s time to set yourself up for success.

Here are a few techniques to ensure you achieve your goals:

Document It (EVERYWHERE)

The best way to keep your goal front of mind is to put it everywhere:

  • Write a comment on this blog post
  • Save it to your background (phone and laptop)
  • Put it on your fridge
  • Tell everyone
  • On your mirror

The psychological effect created by repeatedly seeing your goal will help you focus and strive to achieve it.

Plan out your Goals in Weekly or Monthly Steps (with rewards)

Your goal might feel ambitious but if you break it down into weekly or monthly chunks it can instantly feel more achievable.

For example, if your goal is to get 1,000 subscribers over 12 months, you could break it down into how many new subscribers you need each month which works out at only 83 new subscribers each month.

Find an Accountability Buddy

If you have any blogging friends, get together and plan your goals together. Then check in with each other every month and meet up every 3 months to discuss how you are progressing and share ideas how each of you can continue towards your goals.