Hi, I'm Sue. This is the second year that I have been lucky enough to be nominated for this award. Another pinch me moment on this crazy Instagram journey! Never did I think that when I started my little account, with the help of my two teenage sons that it would grow so much and give me back the confidence I had been missing for a while. I have been lucky to attend events, work with amazing companies and the once shy me, even spoke on panels to audiences re Mindful Home, and how to create a home that helps your well being and mental health. Something extremely important for us all these days. Currently renovating our next house to a home and sharing the ups and downs. Creating a sanctuary at a time when home means so much more to us in these uncertain times. I love upcycling, sharing ideas, a big fan of warm textures, seasonal styling and bringing the outside in. To us as a family, home is a feeling.......not just a place.