I’m Sophie Baylis, and I live and breathe interiors. It’s been my day job as a journalist for over 15 years, but it’s also my passion. And it is this passion that I want to share with my followers on Interiors InsideOut (@interiorsinsideout). My Instagram feed is intended to be a daily dose of inspiration, and I work hard to curate a succession of images of beautiful homes and designs to achieve this. Where I offer something different is in the expert advice and top tips I also bring to each post. No image is there just because it looks great – it also helps to make a point. An image might be a great example of a kitchen with a side return extension, so I use this as a starting point to offer my readers in-depth insight into the topic. Finally, the feed is a gateway to even more inspiration on the Interiors InsideOut blog (https://interiorsinsideout.com/our-blog/), which is regularly updated with content that complements and expands on the themes on Instagram. Recent content has included guides to buying a bed, removing a wall, creating an open-plan space, and types of worktops. All of which adds up to a whole host of ways I want to help homeowners #livelessordinary!