Hi I’m Jack from Jack D March both the Instagram and blog. Since graduating in design in 2012 and leaving my passion of ceramics behind in 2015 to buy a home, Instagram and my that home became a creative outlet. I started documenting my journey of renovating my two bed apartment and now six years a partner, and dog later I am documenting the renovation of my new Victorian townhouse. My Instagram is sprinkled other elements of my life, with people coming along with me on holidays, seeing my puppy grow and checking In on my 91 year old grandma. Throughout lockdown Instagram became a Safehaven and an escape for many, I vowed to keep my feed and stories m positive and Covid free as possible. During this time I learnt to adapt and create new content whether it was baking tutorials, Instagram live interviews or humorous comedy skits to help build a community and that escape that people needed. As Instagram recently said people come to the app to be entertained, and I am only too happy to try and do that.