My name is Jelena (pronounced yeh-leh-nah). I live in the West End of Glasgow in Scotland, but as you can probably guess from my name, I was born in (now former) Yugoslavia. I came to Scotland as a refugee during the civil war in 1992 and have made this magical place my home. I lost my mum a few years ago. She was my inspiration for starting a blog. I’m a self-taught Interior Designer, DIY enthusiast and small-budget, big-impact upcycler. My attitude is ‘work with what you’ve got’! I’m influenced by earthy, raw and sustainable design. I believe in creating unique, small batch products that are handmade with love. I base my choices on items that tell a story about the type of person that would live in that home. Upcycgirl is a blog for the remaining artisans of this world who want an insight into the good, the bad and the ugly side of home renovation. Full of upcycling projects, tips and tricks that I’ve learned on the job and plenty of transformation photos.