Yoko Kloeden Design is a London-based interior design and architecture studio designing beautiful homes inspired by a deep reverence for nature. Working with private clients who benefit from Yoko’s personal experience of living busy lifestyles, her aim is to craft homes that bring greater balance and harmony. Growing up in Japan has been integral to Yoko’s journey and her decision to found the studio in 2016. From a young age, Yoko was connected to the sensory details of day-to- day life in the ancient capital of Kyoto – from subtle shadows of bamboo to incense filling the temple gardens. Today the studio shares their insights on creating homes that connect the outdoor and indoor worlds and the profound effect that it has on one’s wellbeing via the website ‘Journal’. Greatly inspired by the natural world, the team includes stories on how to better connect your home with nature, inspiring projects and their favourite boutique suppliers and artisans they have worked with.