Nicola Holden Designs has made a name for itself by creating contemporary interiors that are synonymous with down-to-earth luxury, eclecticism and humour. Nicola’s interiors are infused with passion and creativity, telling the client's unique story through the language of design. Nicola is passionate about the effect that our interior spaces have on our health and well-being. With humans increasingly spending up to 90% of their lives indoors, there is a growing body of scientific evidence showing that how we design our spaces has a direct impact on us psychologically and physically, and therefore on our overall health, happiness and well-being. Nicola regularly blogs about the ways that we can use elements of design to maintain our wellness, including biophilic design, colour psychology and the aesthetics of joy. She is also a strong advocate of creating more sustainable designs that protect not only our own health, but also the health of our planet.