Kalinko is a Burmese homeware brand that sells accessories, furniture and fabrics handmade in tiny villages all over the country. Our products are made using time-tested, traditional methods but are designed for modern homes. We aim to keep ancient craft industries alive, provide skilled work for talented people and fill homes around the world with objects that make a difference. After moving to Yangon, my flat quickly filled up with things picked up on weekend travels to the furthest corners of Burma; everything from bamboo stools and glassware to Naga hunting spears and giant gongs. The people making these things struggle to find buyers as local people tend to buy cheaper, factory-made imports from China. I wanted to find a way to give these makers access to international markets, and to give the rest of the world a chance to buy their beautiful, skilfully crafted products. The Yangon Post is our weekly blog, and writing it is one of my favourite parts of running Kalinko. Posts range from tips and tricks for updating tiny bathrooms, interviews with makers, the ups and downs of running a small business in Burma, and even how to whip up a bowl of traditional noodles. We always try to include interesting and informative snippets of life in Burma, and things that will make readers smile on the Wednesday morning commute!