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Our day to day lives are full of appliances and objects that we rarely think about but are everyday essentials. simplehuman don’t just recognise our need for these products, they see room for improvement at each turn and work tirelessly to solve simple yet often overlooked problems. Dedicated to designing and building tools for efficient living, their products are engineered to last and make daily tasks more efficient.

Founded by Frank Yang in 2000, the idea arose after the then student took an industrial design course whilst studying at UCLA. Falling in love with the concept of enhancing existing products already on the market, Frank searched for jobs at industrial design firms upon graduating.

After spending a few years working for a commercial product company, he branched out on his own and it is here that the simplehuman journey began. Taking a tired & dull rubbish bin as his first inspiration, he transformed it with the assistance of carefully selected industrial designers and the first simplehuman product was formed.

At its debut exhibition at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, the bin was a success and gave the brand a unique selling point. In 2000, industrial design directed at the homeware industry was relatively unheard of with many designers channelling their talents into the car manufacturing industry.

By focusing this form of design into homeware items, simplehuman set themselves apart from the competition applying innovative and never before seen technology to everyday products, which saw the brand reach higher and higher levels of success.

Tools for efficient living

Working largely within the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home, simplehuman produce products that make the tasks and chores we carry out every day even simpler. Through a range of cutting edge features and additions, ordinary items are transformed into sleek design pieces for the home.

From open bins to state of the art sensor varieties, simplehuman have designed a range of waste disposal products which maintain the utmost hygiene standards at all times. Their designs mean your hands need never come into contact with the bin’s surface whilst disposing of rubbish, and convenient bag hanging systems on the interior of each bin ensures removing full bags remain hygienic.

Pioneering sink drainers in the simplehuman range make the most of the drying space and ensure that water never collects on your countertop through a simple yet innovative spout at the base of each drainer. Kitchen roll holders and utensil pots have also had a simplehuman makeover, with kitchen roll holders including quick load and one sheet tearing mechanisms & utensil holders with detachable spoon rests.

A key design for the bathroom is simplehuman’s range of soap dispensers which are sensor powered, making cross contamination from touching the soap pump with unwashed hands a thing of the past. Laundry storage is also made simpler with laundry baskets including compartments to separate whites and colours, along with heavy gauge steel bars meaning it won’t buckle if filled to the brim.

Another essential item in simplehuman’s bathroom collection is their range of sensor mirrors. Featuring sensors which automatically detect when a face approaches, these ingenious mirrors are rechargeable via USB meaning no messy cords are on show and the integrated LED lighting simulates natural sunlight to ensure your make-up is perfect from every angle.

Industry Awards

For such a pioneering company who offer a vast range of cutting edge items for the home, it is no surprise that this industry leader is also the recipient of many highly acclaimed awards in the design world. The brand’s sensor items lead the way in awards with the Butterfly sensor bin the proud winner of the Red Dot design award, European Consumer Choice Award and the Housewares Innovation Award.

The sensor mirror was also awarded The Housewares Innovation award, whilst the sensor soap pump received the Housewares Executive Award. The long list of accolades demonstrates that simplehuman is at the forefront of the homeware design world & will remain there for decades to come.

With more reimaginings of everyday household objects released every year, soon all practical appliances will be given a simplehuman overhaul to make them more efficient, easier to use and more hygienic. Offering sleek style along with optimum functionality, any home can benefit from simplehuman’s homeware essentials which make the dullest of chores a delight. 

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