Boasting over 130 years of tradition, experience and success Rosenthal are regarded as the German market leader for glass, porcelain
Porcelain plates, vases and trinket trays adorned with tattoo-inspired illustrations.
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Lapp Vase - Platinum €860 to €984
Tac White - Plate €14 to €29
White Tableware €14 to €29
Strip Vase - White Gold €1,603 to €2,098


German company Rosenthal boast over 130 years of tradition, experience and success within the porcelain, glass and ceramics industry. Founded by Philipp Rosenthal as a porcelain painting company at castle Schloss Erkersreuth back in 1879, it wasn’t until 1891 that they started to produce their own products. Their growth was rapid, and by 1897 they had become a fully joint stocked company; Rosenthal & Co AG.

Based in Selb, Germany, the company is now regarded as the German market leader for the glass, porcelain and ceramics segment, selling to as many as 97 countries across the world.  Such has been their incredible success that Rosenthal not only possess five hugely popular brands or collaborations, but have also developed their very own furniture and home interior ranges.

Driven by a passion for luxury lifestyle, Rosenthal strive for beauty and perfection of the highest standards. Ensuring each collection offers individuality and a style to suit every occasion in every home, the German company’s values are reflected in their wonderful designs.

43 matching products, priced from € 14.00 to € 2,098.00