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Clarissa Hulse

Evolving from a popular scarf business to one of the most successful and respected textile brands in the UK, Clarissa Hulse today produces stunning fabrics, home accessories and bed linen driven by her passion to deliver the ultimate combination of colour, print and fabrics. One of the leading lights in the British textile world, her products feature in some of the top UK stores and worldwide in exclusive boutiques.

Clarissa spent her childhood holidays traipsing across Europe studying the local flora & fauna. Born in Prague, Clarissa was also lucky enough to live in many countries over the years including Spain, Italy, Greece and even Thailand and it was this varied upbringing which installed in her a love of vivid colour and natural design. With an enthusiasm for gardening stemming from her mother’s teachings, she draws inspiration from the countryside and captures examples of the beauty of nature to transfer to her work. This love and drive is evident in each of her beautiful pieces, perfect for transforming a room in bright colour and striking designs. 

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