Welcome to Wedgwood – the home of curious, creative and imaginative people. A place fuelled by creativity, self-expression, humour and lots of tea. Wedgwood are of Britain but not only British, famously crafting timeless luxury ceramics since 1759 and helping to create memories all around the globe. Wedgwood is the home of eclectic originals.

Welcome to over 260 years of creativity They’ve been crafting inspiration since 1759. From the very day their founder, Josiah Wedgwood, planted roots in the clay-rich soil of Stoke-on-Trent, Wedgwood has strived to spark imaginations. They have a rich history of colourful and cutting-edge designs (over 260 years of it, in fact) and are not stopping there. From the brand’s home in Barlaston, they continue to design, create and expertly craft pieces to enrich the everyday – because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Welcome to your taste, your rules Wedgwood are all about inspiring rather than prescribing when it comes to design. Gone are the days that colours and themes must match throughout your home – minimalism is dead, long live maximalism. Want to mix natural themes with bold splashes of colour? Go for it. Want to show off your showstopping Jasperware on the coffee table? Nobody’s stopping you. Mix and match, experiment, go wilder than your imagination takes you. It’s your home, your own eclectic tastes, your rules.


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