Reflections Copenhagen/BENE.luxic

Reflections Copenhagen create beauty to test people’s style. Through constantly challenging design with the use of geometric shapes, uniting exquisite materials Reflections have managed to pioneer the creative field to create crystal objects of the highest aesthetic order which bridge function, form and art.

Founded in 2015, Reflections is the collaboration of Danish designers, Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson. Through striving for perfection, the brand epitomises the highest order of handcrafted crystal decor. Intended to challenge the traditional styles through the sympathetic use of colours and shapes adds new dimensions to the natural balance of interior decorating. 

The international sales agency BENE.luxic, specialises in sourcing brands at the forefront of developing their art and genre. With a history of launching and expanding luxury interiors and design brands into the global markets. The accomplishments of the joint venture between the two female led companies embodies how style, innovation, class and drive can push the most traditional of markets.


Instagram: @bene.luxic

Linkedin: Bene Luxic