Best Company Blog

For the blogs you love to browse from companies with their own products and services, but who also place a strong emphasis on the industry as a whole. The Best Company Blog Award is for those created predominantly for business benefit. Experts in their field, these blogs are engaging, informative and always on brand. The criteria for this award was that the blogs:

  • Offer products and services on their websites along with a dedicated interior blog
  • Clearly establish they are an authority within the industry
  • Ensure that their blog remains consistently on brand with the rest of the website
  • This category also included organisations, schools, charities and interior magazines


Aerende is a unique company in the UK lifestyle sector, offering homewares and gifts, all handmade in the UK by people facing barriers to employment. On our blog we aim to capture the values enshrined in our name – Aerende is an Old English word for care or message. To that end, we use our blog to demonstrate our compassion for humans and the environment – with posts about how and why we source materials sustainably, the end-of-life impact of our products, the politics of pottery, as well as showcasing our makers and the homes of our customers. We also want to inspire readers to live better, to buy less and to consume thoughtfully, and we think companies should stand for something, so we post about topics that may be rare on a company blog – how to have inclusive language, for example, or the sustainability of having a regular posting habit (on social media or a blog). Because we think talking about important issues are as important as talking about cushions. Our blog posts cover a range of themes, all loosely tied around interiors and gifting, alongside our principles of transparency, inclusivity, integrity and beauty. Just because we’re talking about crafting napkins in a prison, or the problems of sourcing palm oil free soap, doesn’t mean the posts shouldn’t look good, and so we do our very best to provide eye-catching imagery alongside our thought provoking writing. As a small non-profit company producing all of our own products, we don’t have big photography budgets and cannot access the wide range of professional images available to others in our category. Instead we have the same approach to the writing and photography of each blog post as we do with our products – made carefully, with integrity, for longevity and with the wellbeing of people and our planet in mind.

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