Luxury Interior Design Trend

12 Feb 2020

luxury interior design

Sleek & sophisticated, luxury interior design is a look that’ll stand the test of time. Featuring a pared-back colour palette, plenty of textures and metallic tones that pop throughout, it favours minimal, high quality finishes over abundant accessories. Getting the luxury look in your home? It’s easier than you think…

Form the Foundations

luxury living room
luxury throw

Luxury interior design favours a pared-back colour palette over bright and bold schemes. Opt for whites, nudes, pale greys and soft browns as your base for walls and large furniture pieces, and introduce pops of colour through soft furnishings and decorative accessories. High end interiors deserve a regal colour palette, so if you want to add a little colour stick to jewel tones; think deep purples, inky blues and burnished burgundies.

Layer Precious Patterns & Pigments

luxury interior design
luxury interior design

Colour and pattern in a luxury interior must be subtle and sleek. Introduce no more than two or three colours in one space, and offset brighter pieces by pairing them with luscious neutral animal prints and striking geometrics in monochrome tones. Use these colour pops and patterns sparingly to create a sophisticated space to be proud of.

Focus on Textures & Finishes

luxury dining

With colour and pattern pared back, the materials in the collection shine. From cool marble and metal, to plush velvet and tactile weaves, adding key textural pieces will create a sense of richness in any room.

Add a Little Opulence

luxury dining table
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No room is complete without a scattering of glittering metallics. They add depth, drama and cut through the opulent textural materials. Whether you choose gleaming golds, statement silvers, brushed brass or a stylish mix of shimmering shades, make the most of metallic accessories to nail the luxury interior look.

Looking to introduce little luxury into your own space? A by Amara has just launched the Luxe collection. A celebration of sophisticated design and sumptuous materials, a neutral palette is at its heart with coveted jewel tones and gleaming metallics throughout. Statement accessories and contemporary shapes join together to create a look which is simply sleek, and always finished with a little luxe.