At Home With Sir Paul Smith

31 Oct 2022

Photograph by Matt Healy

One of Britain’s most successful designers and avid collector of curiosities, Sir Paul Smith is the owner of the eponymous brand Paul Smith. Known and loved for his colourful aesthetic and creative designs, the London-based designer talks to us about his home style, Christmas and what 2023 has in store for him…

Describe your interior style in three words.

Eclectic, lived-in, and classic with a twist.

Which room in your home is your favourite?

It would have to be my ‘jet-lag room’. As I am back to travelling again, this is my room where I can stay without disturbing the household. But it’s also like a little version of my office, which anyone who has seen pictures will know is quite an Aladdin’s cave.

What’s your home’s colour palette?

My wife and I jokingly say Pauline has something called "the house" and I have "my room" (the jet-lag room). There isn’t a sign of the Paul Smith stripe in sight, but it still has that classic-with-a-twist look that I'm known for. The main thing is that it feels like a home, it’s lived in and has an interesting mix of colours, textures and styles.

What’s your most treasured possession in your home?

There are too many things. I can’t choose just one, so I would say my art collection. I am lucky enough to own works by David Hockney, Patrick Procktor, Peter Blake, and Derek Boshier.

What was your biggest interior design mistake?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve made mistakes because style is totally unique to the individual. A home is as personal as someone’s wardrobe; you have to fill it with things that make you feel comfortable. Style is all about confidence, and that applies to fashion as much as it does to your home.

How would you describe your Christmas decor style?

Elegantly festive.

Dress up or stay in loungewear on Christmas Day?

I rarely go a day without wearing a suit, so I’d have to say dress up.

What does a typical Christmas look like for you? Do you have any traditions?


What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite memory is when Pauline and I were working in my first London shop on Floral Street in Covent Garden. It’s a very special place at Christmas time.

What does 2023 have in store for you?

We have a lot planned for next year, including expanding my collection of items for the home and my new home fragrance collections. I’m also curating an exhibition at a very important museum in Paris, which I’m very excited (and nervous) about.

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