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Pink and silver sparkly Christmas mantelpiece

How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

Christmas is creeping up. Get your home ready with our step-by-step guide, including everything from setting a budget to Christmas Eve must-dos…
dark kitchen with cast iron pans and wooden chopping boards

The Ultimate Kitchen Checklist

Is it time for a kitchen overhaul? Go back to basics and stock up on everything you need with our ultimate kitchen checklist…
Floral tea cups and saucers

Anyone for Cake? How to Serve the Best Afternoon Tea at Home

Who doesn't love a spot of tea & cake? In honour of Afternoon Tea Week (9th-15th August), we show you how to host it at home like a pro.

The Perfect Lighting Guide for Every Room

Each room needs its own style of lighting, so here’s a quick guide to the most important things to look out for when lighting the spaces around the home...

Essential Kitchen Dimensions and How to Measure Them

Are you redesigning your kitchen? There are some essential dimensions you need to know. Take a look at our guide to measuring them.

Get Your Grill On: Barbecue Buying Guide

Are you barbecue ready? If you’re not quite sure where to start and feeling a little scorched by all the choice, we’ve got just the thing. Our barbecue buying guide is here to help you choose the right one for your home and ensure you won’t get your fingers burned....

Right By Your Bedside: A Guide to the Best Tables

Want to find a table that can hold all your bedside essentials without looking out of place? Here’s a quick guide to finding the best one for your bedroom...

Pillow Talk: Are Memory Foam Pillows the Best?

What pillow should you choose to get the best night’s sleep? Is memory foam worth it, and should you invest in a silk pillowcase? Discover our top tips...