Riedel Wine Glass Guide

Why Riedel?

Stemming from a long history of exquisite glass makers, the Riedel name has been renowned in the glassware industry for over 250 years and the family is now on its 11th generation with Georg & Maximilian Riedel currently at the helm of the luxury brand. Recognised the world over as the glassware of choice for the discerning wine connoisseur, this Austrian glass brand were the first to design glasses according to the character of specific types of wine. Claus J. Riedel, the 9th generation of the prestigious glass making family was the key inventor of the functional crystal wine glass which enhances flavour to optimise your drinking experience, thus changing the appearance and design of stemware forever.

Which Riedel range is for me?

At Amara we have chosen a selection of stemware from the following ranges; Sommeliers, Vinum and "O" which all differ in style and price but between them cover every need in the market.


Arguably the brand’s finest range and the world’s first wine friendly glassware line, the Sommeliers collection is crafted from luxurious lead crystal. Designed over forty years ago by Claus J. Riedel who recognised that the taste, balance, bouquet and finish of specific grape varieties are affected by the shape of the glass from which they are consumed. From this discovery he created a collection of glasses to cater to every wine type.

Fine-tuned to match each grape, every glass is a technological marvel with an expertly designed bowl, stem and base crafted from thin mouth-blown crystal. Beautifully unadorned, this range is simple in style to further enhance the wine held within. With a comprehensive collection available at Amara to perfectly suit the vast majority of grape varieties, there is a Sommeliers glass for every taste.


The first machine made glass collection in history designed for specific grape varieties, the Vinum range was introduced in 1986 and all items are made from 24% lead crystal. Using the same principle as the Sommeliers range, each glass has been designed to enhance every aspect of each grape variety. Machine blown in Bavaria, Germany, this exquisite range is affordable and ideal for every day use, yet is still of the highest quality.


Specially designed for everyday use, the O collection is the first varietal specific wine tumbler in history. A universal all-round drinking vessel, the O range transforms the tumbler into a sophisticated wine accessory, making broken stems a thing of the past. Also machine blown, this range is made from non-lead crystal and every piece is an innovative take on the casual wine glass for everyday enjoyment.

Caring for your Riedel glasses

All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe, however we suggest using good quality detergent and always selecting the glassware setting on your machine. If you have a stemware rack make sure to use it, and ensure that all glassware is not in contact with any other items which can lead to scratching.

Use soft water for cleaning wherever possible, and to remove any stains which may appear on the stemware gently rub with white vinegar.