Candle Buying Guide

Long gone are the days of candlelight being the only way to light your home. Since this time, the candle industry has focused on creating outstanding decorative items and perfumed varieties to transform these traditional lighting tools into essential home accessories. The breadth of modern candle types is endless, with a variety of sumptuous scents and designs to suit any taste and interior, along with a host of display options from elegant candlesticks to large hurricane lanterns. 

Scented Candles 

Scented candles have the ability to sooth or invigorate the senses, so selecting the right fragrance for the different rooms in your home is essential. Key fragrance types are as follows; - fresh, fruity, sweet, woody, floral & spicy and every combination in between, which allows you to choose your candles by the scent that you find most appealing and on the individual fragrance notes. Think carefully about the room in which the candle will be lit, for example calming scents in the bedroom can transform the space into a tranquil haven, whilst energising aromas in living areas can encourage productivity. 

There are many highly perfumed candle brands, such as English garden reminiscent True Grace, California based Voluspa & the exotic landscape inspired Baobab Collection, which are long lasting and beautifully fragrant from the first lighting. Some candles even provide soothing healing properties with organic brands like Neom developing wax creations to help calm ailments such as daily stress, tension & anxiety. Scented candles are a must for any home and are perfect for transporting you into a world of revitalising or relaxing fragrances that linger subtly in the air.

Decorative candles 

Whilst scented varieties are extremely popular, there is still a high demand for decorative candles, purely designed to give any room an atmospheric glow or even to be simply admired, not lit. From brightly coloured tapered candles to add a pop of colour to any setting, to thick pillar varieties which beautifully illuminate a room, there are a wide range of unscented candles that are stunning when lit. Some candles however are too good to burn, for example the Cire Trudon busts and other unusually shaped figurines, which are designed to remain purely decorative. All of these candles whether designed to be consumed or not are coveted home accessories, perfect for being displayed at all times.


The variety of the wax used to create each candle is extensive and you will easily find ingredients to suit even the most particular requirements. For the environmentally conscious, there is an array of natural, clean burning candles created from organic wax featuring no synthetic ingredients by top luxury brands such as Neom & Baobab Collection. Natural beeswax, soy & coconut wax are other environmentally friendly options.


The materials used for candle wicks have also been targeted to ensure they comply with the current demand for clean burning home fragrances. Cotton & linen wicks are being seen more and more in luxury candles which ensure even burning every time they are lit. For larger candles additional wicks are added, this does not affect the burn life, but ensures that the entire candle is used as opposed to the hollowing in the centre that can occur with some varieties.

 Burn Times

A candle’s burn life is dependent on its size and of course how it is cared for, tealights can be expected to last for up to five hours whilst the largest candles at Amara feature up to seven wicks and can burn for a staggering 800 hours. For information on a candle’s burn time please see each item’s individual product description.