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Cutlery Care Guide

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular material choice for cutlery, and whilst it is stain resistant, it is not stain proof so there are a few things to remember when cleaning this type of cutlery to keep it looking its best.

Silver plating

Wonderfully decadent, silver plated cutlery is one of the most luxurious materials on the market. Whilst it is a versatile and relatively easy-care material, there are certain rules which should always be carried out to ensure your silverware stays as luxurious looking as the day you first bought it.

Hand washing

When hand washing any cutlery, whether stainless steel or silver plate, always use mild washing up liquid, never powder. Do not use wire wool or abrasive cleaning implements, as this can lead to scratches on the cutlery which no amount of polishing will remove.