Tea & Tequila

Tea & Tequila a été fondée par deux amies d'université, Millie Wilson et Sarah Goodwin. Partageant une passion pour l'artisanat
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Tea & Tequila

Tea & Tequila was founded by two university friends, Millie Wilson and Sarah Goodwin. As a result of their shared passion for Mexican handicrafts, they founded Tea & Tequila in early 2015, running the brand between London and Mexico City.

Best described as a custom range of accessories, each bag from Tea & Tequila is designed in-house and made exclusively by artisans in Mexico. The collection showcases the bright colours and styles found in Mexico and combines the founders’ inspiration and love for traditional Mexican handicrafts with their contemporary London style.

Each design is carefully paired with hand-picked leathers and fabrics from the state of Guanajuato and the colourful cotton linings are sourced from Oaxaca, including traditional Zapotec patterns in their weave. The bead & sequin exterior designs are handcrafted by highly-skilled embroiderers in the heart of San Angel in Mexico City, and the clutch bags are finally assembled by talented seamstresses.

Offering a range of bright and colourful bags, the collection from Tea & Tequila aims to bring a touch of real Mexico to every owner.

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