Try Teal To Brighten Up Your Living Room

3 May 2021

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Vibrant and lively, teal is a great way to brighten up your living room. This blue-green colour goes with almost everything, and it works well with a wide range of other colours so you can create a living room colour scheme that truly feels like you. Let’s take a look at some teal living room ideas, whether you want to go all-out with boldly painted walls, make a statement with striking teal patterned wallpaper, or simply select some beautiful accessories to make your space pop.

Teal Paint or Wallpaper?

First things first, decide whether you want to paint the walls teal or plump for soft furnishing and accessories with teal accents, sticking with neutral walls for a more muted look.

If you do decide to embrace the teal and paint the walls, remember that there are plenty of colours that go with teal so you can mix things up - either by pairing your paint with complementary accessories or by opting for a single accent wall in another colour.

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What Colours Go Best With Teal?

Teal is warm and inviting, and having all four walls painted teal isn’t as intimidating as you might think. But if you have a small space, you might prefer to keep things light and breezy with a feature wall that introduces a splash of colour to the room without overdoing it.

In that case, you’ll want to carefully consider your living room colour scheme. Rather than sticking with white for the other walls, introducing a complementary colour can really help to bring out the teal and give you a living room that you’ll love to spend time in.

A grey and teal living room is a wonderful choice, particularly if you choose a soft grey shade. The vibrancy of the teal and cool tones of grey bounce off each other to create a soothing atmosphere. Either opt for a teal accent wall, with the others grey - or vice versa - and tie the whole look together with threads of grey running through your cushions and accessories. You really can’t go wrong with a teal and grey living room if you’re looking to create a sophisticated aesthetic.

For something bolder, consider teal and gold. Gold adds warmth and richness to teal or a really striking colour combination. If you choose to paint all your walls teal, a pop of gold will look striking against it in the form of a gold mirror or artwork in a gold frame. Finish the look with a gold lamp to pull your living room decor together for a cohesive look.

A teal and brown living room is another option to consider. Wooden furniture works well to balance out the boldness of teal, adding a neutral touch and letting the colour do the talking. It’s down to personal preference whether you choose light or dark wood, as both work well with this living room colour scheme. /

Make a Statement With Teal Furniture

Teal never goes out of style, so investing in some beautiful pieces of teal living room furniture is a great way to incorporate this colour into your space. The beauty of teal lies in its versatility - create a warm or cool ambience, and go for a modern living room or something a little more traditional - and when you choose furniture in this colour, it means you can keep it as a base whilst mixing up your aesthetic every now and then with a couple of new cushions, throws or accessories.

The Orla Kiely Fern two-seater sofa and armchair in teal will look good in any living room, whatever your interior design style. The rich colour is well-suited to a variety of other shades, and it comes with scatter cushions in Orla’s signature print to help brighten up your space.

Orla Kiely

Add a Pop of Colour With Accessories

Whether you want to complement the colour of your walls, or simply introduce a teal element in a different way, accessories are a fun way to add a splash of colour to your living room without a complete design overhaul.

Cushions are always a great way to freshen up a room, and we have a wide variety of teal cushions to choose from, including plain teal and vibrant patterns so you can create your own mix-and-match aesthetic. We particularly like the Monogram cushion by Roberto Cavalli to bring a touch of opulence to your living room design. It features the signature Roberto Cavalli logo on the front (which is 100% pure silk) and is finished with tasselled edging.

Add the finishing touch to your space with the Arris rug from Wedgwood, crafted from wool and viscose for a beautifully soft underfoot feel, and a chic geometric design that’s perfect for a modern look.

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Whatever teal design ideas you go for, whether painted or wallpapered walls or simply adding splashes of colour with bold accessories, it’s a choice that will stand the test of time for any living room.