Get the Look: Inspired By Nature

4 Jun 2022

neutral living room

From botanical prints and leafy patterns to rough textures and calming colours, bringing a little nature into the home is easy-peasy. Perfect for enjoying the great outdoors all year round, this trend-proof look can be easily worked into your home.

Fresh Greens

vases filled with twigs

The calmest shade of them all, some are calling green the new grey. Love it or loathe it, verdant tones have the ability to relax and renew your space. From dusky pistachio and mint pastel to forest and olive, the interior world cannot get enough. What are you waiting for? Take inspiration from your favourite ferns and leafy botanicals.

New Neutrals

Living room with earthy tones

This season is all about going au naturel with earthy colours and materials in their purest forms. The perfect base for a nature-inspired interior, mix and match different creamy shades and layer with contrasting textures. Maximise on soft furnishings to really add to the luxe factor, we’re talking faux fur, fuzzy wool, and rough linen.

Botanical Prints

botanical print duvet
Ted Baker

Let the outside in (literally) with an urban jungle of lavish leafy prints. From delicate fronds and ferns to bold botanical patterns, you can really make a statement with little effort. Mix and match prints too, by keeping in line with the natural theme you can pick and choose your favourite prints.

Foliage Finishing Touches

Green foliage in green pots
Green foliage in glass vases
LSA International

There's no easier way to add a natural touch to your interior than filling your home with real or faux foliage. From bunches of your favourite blooms, to eye-catching house plants, any room can benefits from some greenery. Whether to go real or fake, is all down to what you prefer and what you can keep up with. Some people get a great sense of accomplishment from being a real plant parent, whereas for others the stress of keeping them alive and thriving has them reaching for faux versions.

Natural Textures

leather pouff
Trimm Copenhagen

Mix and match various natural textures to nail the look. Think seagrass, wood, leather and even linen. These touch-me-textures will blend and complement each other perfectly and help you feel more connected to nature. Get the look instantly and effortlessly with wicker storage like baskets and magazine racks.

Down to Earth Style

dining table

The best way to enjoy nature? Let it take its course. Take an effortlessly undone approach to decorating by opting for furniture and accessories with visible knots, natural markings and plenty of character. Nature is beautifully unique, embrace it.

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