Get The Country Look At Home

country decor living room

A good country home epitomises simple living and a love of the great outdoors. On its surface, it’s all roaring fireplaces, mismatched hand-me-down furniture and a love of chintz. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that country home decor is so much more. An eclectic mix of well-used and well-loved pieces, familiar textures & plenty of functional-not-fussy style, cultivating your own farmhouse look in your home is easy. Even if you don’t live in a barn.

country style kitchen open shelves

Keep it Clean

A muted colour scheme of soft beige and white combined with pale greys & sage green, is essential for this outdoors-inspired look. By ensuring you steer clear of harsh shades, the natural palette has plenty of organic appeal and perfectly blends together. Crisp and classic, it’s a scheme that’s never going to go out of style.

country style bedroom

Show Off Natural Textures

When it comes to texture, it’s best to think naturally. Choose knotted woods and woven wicker and pair with tactile fabrics; timeless prints will add enviable warmth and an inviting feel to your space. These different textures will create a cobbled-together feel that’s traditional but never dated or fussy.

country style living room

Get Cosy

The farmhouse aesthetic is forever warm & welcoming. So, pile those thick blankets and cosy cushions high and use your space to escape from the harsh elements outside. Think heritage checks, subtle rural references and tonal prints when it comes to popping some interest into your scheme. By creating a cocoon of comforting luxury with fuzzy textures & cosy touches, you’ll find yourself in a cabin hideaway.

country style dining

Take It Easy

Celebrate the look’s rustic charm by keeping it chic & simple. The beauty of country home decor is that there’s no need to match everything. What’s old is new, so combine your old favourites with specially chosen new ones to create a layered look that appears to have been curated over time. It should almost appear that some of your pieces have been passed down generation to generation. This look is anything but cookie-cutter, so get creative with your decorating and remember, take it easy; country life is a little slower.

Modern country accessories

A Modern Touch

Just because this look has its feet firmly settled in tradition it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of twenty-first century realness to your interior. Pops of deep charcoal will provide a modern edge and industrial accessories contrast beautifully with weathered woods. Some cleverly chosen modern additions are essential if you want your space to have its eyes set on the future.

Country home accessories

Living for this countryside haven? We know just the thing. The A by AMARA Country collection. The ultimate look for those hankering after something warm, delightfully weathered and welcoming. This look has a muted gentleness to it that’ll suit any type of home, not just English country piles.