How to Get the Coastal Grandma Look in Your Home

12 Apr 2022

The look on everyone’s minds: Coastal Grandma. Originally coined by TikTok-er Lexi Nicoleta, it’s quickly gone viral on the social media platform and has taken the interiors world by storm. Think blustery beach walks, white wine on the veranda and notably Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. It’s the very definition of ‘windswept and interesting’ and the perfect way to bring some calm to busy homes.

AMARA’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office, Sam Hood, reveals her top tips for channelling your inner Diane or Meryl with the Coastal Grandma look…

What Is Coastal Grandma?

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Don’t let the name fool you, ‘Coastal Grandma’ is not your grandmother’s seaside bolthole. A modern aesthetic that's a step further from ‘Grandmillenial’ style that saw us lusting after bold, traditional prints with splashes of chintz, gingham, fringes and ruffles, it's all about home comforts and timeless elegance, like a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

"It’s no wonder that the ‘Coastal Grandma’ look is seeing a surge in popularity, as the trend offers a stylish, timeless aesthetic, which conveys feelings of cosiness and homeliness in a room, as well as a sense of affluence,” says Sam.

With a base of ecru and powder white with neutral highlights, this look is all about natural textures, loose linens and cosy touches. Key materials include wood, rattan, jute and plenty of cotton linens to bring in that easy-breezy coastal look.

Here are our top things to include when you're going for the Coastal Grandma look...

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Keep It Neutral

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The coastal look has been forever associated with navy blue and crisp white but the palette for Coastal Grandma is all about keeping it neutral and bringing in as much light as possible.

“When you think of a beach house you don’t imagine dark woods and moody colours, it’s the light natural tones of the coastline that springs to mind,” says Sam.

For your base, stick to neutral shades like sandy beige, powder white and warm biscuit for an instant shorefront feel. Don’t be afraid to add in some select pops of colour with your accessories, from plush throws and cushions to decorative accessories and ceramics.

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Stick With Light Furniture


When it comes to choosing furniture take inspiration from nature and choose lighter woods, the closer you can get to driftwood the better. Sam recommends focussing on simple and rustic materials, “natural, bright coloured woods always go well with light spaces, so you’ll want to avoid any styles of furniture that are overly extravagant.”

And for those who don’t like the look of natural woods, Sam has good news for you, “whitewashed furniture makes a good substitute, and cracked finishes are a wonderful way of conveying the rustic shabby chic look.”

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Bring Some Textural Healing

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“Adding a variety of textures to the room through clever use of fabrics will really complete the space, and if you’ve opted for a white colour scheme, these additions can be used to incorporate splashes of complimenting colour to the room,” says Sam.

One instant way of bringing that salty coastal breeze into your home can be easily achieved with floor-sweeping curtains. Go for longer linen options that gather on the floor in tonal neutral shades to add to the relaxed laid-back feel of the look.

Don’t forget, layered throws and knitted cushions are a key component of Coastal Grandma, so make sure every chair, sofa or bed is piled high with comfy accessories.

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Incorporate Simple Patterns

coastal inspired living room

Forget those nautical stripes and anchor prints, the Coastal Grandma picks and chooses their prints wisely. Simple and natural patterns are the way forward, striped cushions or tile prints in neutral tonal shades are style-winners.

“Whilst overall, the design should remain simplistic and natural; you shouldn’t be afraid to make use of some simple patterns. Adding patterned cushions to your sofas, or even opting for patterned curtains or a rug, will add to the beachside look. Just remember to stay within your colour palette and don’t go too dark,” Sam advises.

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Don’t Forget to Accessorise

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“Like any style of decor, a rustic home can be completed by adding accessories, but you should try to keep things simple rather than opting for extravagance,” says Sam.

Coastal Grandma isn’t about filling your shelves with miniature ships in bottles, shells or seagull sculptures, focus on carefully chosen textured ceramic vases, sea glass bowls and sun-bleached accessories to create an elegant mix. “A selection of sentimental photos and knick-knacks will give the room a rustic, lived in feel, and you can add a splash of fresh colour with a finishing touch of some fresh flowers.”

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Want even more inspiration? Explore AMARA’s Coastal Grandma Pinterest board or shop our edit.

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