Art Deco Interior Design Comes Roaring Back With the Golden Age Trend

art deco living room

The roaring ‘20s went down in history as an era of decadence and frivolity, and we’ve been obsessed with it ever since. One of the key elements of the decade that’s endured is Art Deco design which has remained synonymous with era. Still an incredibly popular interior style today, we chose this look as our key inspiration behind our new Designed by AMARA trend, Golden Age. This trend is a modern twist on classic Art Deco interior design but still retains the glamorous essence which draws people back to the look nearly a century after it was first introduced. Here’s how to get the Golden Age look in the home…

black and cream bed

Indulgent Dreaming

Art Deco interior design excels in the bedroom. It’s sumptuous, sparkling with a splash of luxe, so why wouldn’t you want to wake up to it every day? For the Golden Age trend we’ve kept the base of the bedroom dark using black as a foundation to layer the more extravagant elements of the trend on top. Keep bed linen and furniture sleek and simple with more subtle embellishments, then ramp up the decoration on the soft furnishings. The Golden Age cushions are wonders in themselves with ornate geometrics and intricate beading which celebrates the style’s most-loved patterns and textures.

Decadent Bedroom Design

gold accessories

The Decadence is in the Details

Whilst the trend’s soft furnishings are a force to be reckoned with, the hard accessories could give them a run for their money. Dripping with gold and even more Art Deco inspired patterns, there are unique ornaments, candle holders, photo frames and even mirrors that will help you add touches of the trend to any room. Plush materials and glamorous finishes are the key aspects of the Golden Age accessories and they’re fabulous for creating styled surfaces around the home from bookcases and shelves, to side tables and sideboards.

Opulent Details

green dining chairs

Take it to the Table

The Golden Age trend is all about entertaining with the Art Deco era closely linked to indulgent dinner parties. Not only filled with tableware in detailed geometric prints, the trend’s dining range also includes beaded placemats and coasters, napkin rings and serveware in the signature black and gold colourway for an even more glamorous meal setting. This is your chance to really go wild with the trend, the more indulgent the better. Your guests will be wowed.

Indulgent Dining

golden barware

Gatsby Worthy Barware

Though not a real person, it’s hard to mention the Art Deco era without referencing the great Jay Gatsby himself. One of the most iconic characters associated with the time, his legendary parties in the novel have become a symbol of the excess of the era, so to truly add a touch of Art Deco design to the home your final finishing touch should be the bar. Home bars are on the rise and in our opinion, there’s no better style for them than extravagant Art Deco design. A home bar can be anything from a built-in bar area if you have the space, to a portable drinks trolley or side table. Fill it with barware, glassware, serveware and a selection of spirits then get planning your next cocktail party.

Sparkling Barware

golden accessories

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