Going Viral: The Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Season

23 Sept 2022


Planning on updating your interior? From the easy-breezy Costal Grandma to the rise of statement curves, we take a look at what to expect trend-wise for the season ahead.

Coastal Grandma

Paloma Living

Calming, elegant, and oh-so chic, Coastal Grandma is the trend making waves in the interior world. Originally coined by TikTok-er Lexi Nicoleta, this viral sensation has us all lusting over fresh flowers, beach walks and visits to farmer’s markets. Forget the cliché lighthouses, starfish and anchors, this look is all about natural textures, loose linens and cosy touches. Inspired by a Hamptons beach house occupied by one of Nancy Meyers' infamous characters, this easy-breezy coastal look focuses on a laid-back and slow-paced lifestyle. Combining off-white tones with neutral highlights and plenty of natural materials, channel your inner Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep with the Coastal Grandma look.

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Heavily influenced by the dreamy and nostalgic sets from Practical Magic and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Whimsigothic is the latest trend that’s got the interior world under its spell. Combining the bewitching energy of the ‘90s with a pinch of boho and a sprinkling of Cottagecore, this emerging trend is a mélange of iconic styles. More than just crystal balls, celestial elements, and incense burners, a Whimsigothic home will feature rich tones, velvet textures, and gothic motifs for a bewitching magical touch.



The shape of things to come? It’s curved. From furniture and furnishings to prints and patterns, it’s time to leave hard edges behind and embrace something a little softer with sloping edges and sinuous lines. Originally gracing our homes in the ‘70s, scalloped, arched, and oval-shaped pieces are now making a big comeback. Inviting and visually pleasing, this well-rounded trend will ensure your home stays ahead of the curve.

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Biophilic Design

Ted Baker

From plant-covered walls to natural lighting and earthy tones, this year’s all about reconnecting with nature. More than just a few plants here and there, Biophilia aims to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors to create a visual connection with nature. Enhancing wellbeing and increasing productivity, this latest trend will inject some much-needed nature into your home without having to step a foot outside.

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