7 Home Office Designs to Make Working from Home More Stylish

18 Feb 2021

white modern home office

Working from home has now become the new normal. But whether it’s a permanent arrangement or just for the short term, a suitable home office set up is essential to keep productivity flowing. Along with the cardinal rules of getting up and dressed (even if just in loungewear), to work from home effectively you need a designated space to go to get you into ‘work’ mode, but somewhere you can also turn your back on when the working day is done. If now’s the time to re-evaluate your working from home set up, we’ve got our favourite home office designs of the moment to inspire you…

1. Small Home Office

small desk space next to bed
Photographee.eu / Adobe.Stock.com

Most of us aren’t blessed with a purpose built study in the home so home offices are usually banished to tiny box rooms, or spare corners of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or dining rooms. The key to small office spaces is getting the desk right. Slim line or folding desks can slot better in small spaces or you could repurpose console or side tables which have been built to fit in tiny gaps. If you’re working in a room which serves other purposes, just make sure you tidy your station away as much as possible when you finish so you’re not reminded of work when using the room at other times.

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2. Rustic Home Office

rustic home office
Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Rustic country style is a top choice for interiors of the moment so it stands to reason that this design is being carried over to home offices too. To recreate this look in your own home, it’s all about the details. Bare wood is a key element of country decor so look for desks and chairs in this finish. Other natural textures like seagrass and woven rattan will fill the room with the coveted relaxed atmosphere loved by country interior fans and don’t forget a splash of greenery too.

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3. Modern Home Office

modern home office design
Normann Copenhagen

Super sleek, modern home offices will help keep you connected to the digital world when working from home. With sharp lines and an impeccably sleek look, black furnishings are a fabulous start to shaping a modern office. Keep it magically monochrome or for some drama, add a bold accent colour to help keep you alert throughout the day.

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4. Office Nook

office nook at the top of the stairs

A recently new home office trend gaining in popularity is the office nook. There are some usually empty areas around the home that can easily be transformed into a compact home office if you’re short on space. Under stairs, in alcoves, between cupboards and in the often unused space in landings (like the image above) are all potential office nook areas. As with small offices, keep the furniture compact or if you’re transforming an oddly shaped alcove, you can get a worktop built to perfectly fit the gap which will save space at the same time.

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5. Mid-Century Home Office

Mid-Century Office Mad Men
Photographee.eu / Adobe.Stock.com

A style we still can’t get enough of is Mid-Century design. Filled with retro flair, Mid-Century offices will make you feel like Don Draper every time you step into them. With dark woods, rich hues and a sophisticated mix of influences from decades gone by, this office style is certain to aid your productivity. But maybe upgrade from a typewriter if your company is more digital than the Mad Men offices.

6. Luxury Home Office

Luxury home office

If you love a luxurious feel in the home, why not opt for a designer office space too. Filled with decadent touches to add an air of indulgence to your working day, a luxury home office should feature eye-catching furniture pieces which are art forms in their own right. But luxurious interiors don’t just stop at the furniture, complete the overall look with rich wall colours and glamorous decorative accessories too.

7. White Home Office

white and wood home office
Photographee.eu / Adobe.Stock.com

Does anything get the creative juices flowing better than a fresh blank canvas? If your answer’s no then a bright white home office is the one for you. Helping to banish any home working blues, a fresh white office space is both calming and revitalising. Either go all white or just opt for white walls with muted art work and you’ll be feeling more productive in no time.

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