The First Ten Years: Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

24 Jan 2022

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Every marriage milestone is something worth celebrating. Whether you want to abide by tradition with cotton and wood or embrace the modern list (which allows for slightly more generous gifting, swapping tin for diamonds on your tenth anniversary) the idea behind both lists is that each gift should gradually increase in value to represent the time you’ve invested into your relationship.

So whether you’re team Traditional or Modern, here’s our top anniversary gifts for the first ten years of marriage. Here’s to the happy couple.

1st Anniversary

Symbolising a clean page on which you can write your own story. A print of the city or country you were married is a fitting tribute to your first year as husband and wife.

A symbol of endless love, a watch or a clock for the family home will serve as a reminder of the time you have spent, and are yet to spend, together.

2nd Anniversary

A luxury cotton bed linen set is the perfect gift for a second anniversary, with the woven threads symbolising the couple connecting as one.

Strong and delicate all at once, china represents the fragility and beauty of an early relationship.

3rd Anniversary

Durable and strong, leather symbolises your marriage growing stronger with each year that passes. Celebrate your third year with the gift of a leather frame filled with your favourite photo.

A symbol of light and beauty, your third anniversary is the perfect time to invest in some special crystal glassware or a decanter.

4th Anniversary

Embrace tradition with a twist and give the gift of fruit that’ll last forever, symbolising your relationship ripening after four years of marriage.

Thought to simplify life in your marital home, the modern gift for your fourth year of marriage is an appliance. And who wouldn’t love a leather-bound coffee machine?

5th Anniversary

Symbolising the deep roots you have put down by your fifth year, a wooden cheese board makes a practical, yet sentimental, gift to mark half a decade of marriage.

Celebrate the meals you have shared together and will continue to share together with a luxurious silverware set.

6th Anniversary

Serving as a reminder of how sweet your love is, give a gift that’ll last longer than chocolate with a stylish sugar bowl. Tea, anyone?

A symbol of the strength of your union, a cast iron casserole pot is the perfect gift to celebrate six years with your foodie spouse.

7th Anniversary

Although opposites in their makeup, these two materials have one thing in common: warmth. Celebrate the warm and comforting union you’ve created by your seventh year with a luxurious woollen blanket for those cosy evenings in.

It may not scream ‘romance’ but a desk set is the perfect way to show your loved-one that you support their ambitions and brings a touch of home to their working day.

8th Anniversary

Bronze is made from a mix of copper and tin; two metals that are stronger than they are apart (much like your relationship.) Celebrate your eighth year with a bronze keepsake that will be loved for years to come.

Delicate and refined like the love that you share, mark your eight anniversary the modern way with a luxurious linen gift set.

9th Anniversary

Willow and pottery are items that can be woven or moulded to create something beautiful, symbolising the time and effort you put into a marriage to make it blossom. What better way to celebrate nine years of matrimony than with an al fresco picnic? This willow hamper has everything you’ll need for a romantic date for two.

The material that gets more beautiful with age, mark this special occasion with a leather jewellery box filled with something special.

10th Anniversary

Tin and aluminium are strong and durable, symbolising the strength of your marriage after ten years. This luxurious candle is set a tin container which can be used long after the candle has burnt out. A wonderful keepsake to remember ten happy years together.

Celebrate a decade of marriage with the ultimate gift: diamonds. Whether it’s diamond encrusted eternity ring, a pair of earrings or an extra-special pair of cufflinks, you can’t go wrong with a glittering gift. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Dive into the wonderful world of jewels with Assouline’s Impossible Collection of Jewellery book. From tiaras worn by royalty to diamonds rocked by film stars, discover the most exquisite jewellery from Cartier, DeBeers, VanCleef & Arpels.

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