Winter Lighting Tips with Sally Storey

11 Nov 2021

open plan kitchen

Sally Storey, Creative Director of John Cullen Lighting, is one of the world’s leading lighting experts. An acclaimed author and lecturer, Sally has recently received the Lit Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award in lighting, for her outstanding contributions. Here, Sally shares her top tips for lighting your home this winter…

Sally Storey
bookcase with uplights
John Cullen Lighting

Lighting can really affect our mood, especially during the winter season when the clocks go back and the evenings become longer. During this time it’s important to introduce mood lighting to add drama and atmosphere in your home. You need a contrast of light and shade to create mood - the bigger the contrast, the more atmospheric a room will feel.

When you’re curling up on your living room sofa in the evenings, add to your feeling of hygge with some warming shelf lighting. Try adding a low level uplight in the corners of a room or consider front and back lighting your shelves with Contour HD24 to add depth and accentuate your books and precious objects.

Luxurious bathroom
John Cullen Lighting

With so much glass in our modern kitchens, they can feel like living in a goldfish bowl in the winter. By lighting your garden you can extend the feeling of space by drawing the eye outside. A few spiked garden fittings such as a spotlight in planting, pots or window boxes is all that is needed to bring the outside in and stop reflections.

Bedroom lighting should be bright in the morning and intimate and atmospheric at night. For the day, add an LED strip above your cupboards for added brightness. In the evening, try using soft light touches such as pointing your downlights towards wardrobes and curtains. Always consider lamps for a soft local lighting by the bedside and on a dressing table.

Luxurious entrance hall
John Cullen Lighting

Your entrance is the first impression of your home and during the winter months outdoor lighting becomes even more important. Not only does it provide a warm welcome for guests, but it’ll ensure you can see to put your key in the lock as the nights draw in.

For a townhouse, try adding an element of uplight around the door to create a welcoming effect, or introduce spike lights in pots either side of the front door. The light filters through the foliage and up the façade of the building to create a very soft background light that’s perfect for winter evenings.