Ring in the Season with DIY Wreaths

25 Nov 2022

diy christmas wreath
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Whether it’s placed on your front door to welcome guests or displayed in the living room for a decorative touch, wreaths are a great way to welcome the festive season. With a step-by-step wreath-making guide from owner of Boiled Wheat Photography, Kristen McSorley, and a list of upcoming classes and tutorials below, we have everything you need to add a handmade touch to your home this Christmas.

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The Essentials

There’s a few things you’ll need to get started (chances are you’ll have them already)

  • A wreath base - this can be a ring made from wire, cardboard or a natural material like wood or vine (or if you want a head start, use a plain real or artificial wreath)
  • A good pair of scissors or clippers – you’ll be using these to trim any branches or bits you don’t need
  • A glue gun or wire
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
  • Plenty of decorations
christmas door wreath
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Beautifully Rustic

Owner of Boiled Wheat Photography, Kristen McSorley is a photographer and content creator based in St. Louis, USA. In her free time, she creates food, home, and lifestyle content on her personal platforms and website. Showcasing her talent, take a look at her step-by-step guide which demonstrates how to forage and create your own wreath this Christmas.

Christmas wreath

Step One

To begin, gather stems of attractive foliage, wildflowers, seed heads, and branches from a place that is both safe and legal for foraging. Always collect more than you think you’ll need, and throw in some pine cones, dry fungus, or moss for unique elements. The best stems will be somewhat dry but bend without breaking. Select your wreath base, classic wreath forms are great, but large embroidery hoops are very economical.

christmas wreath

Step Two

Now you have your foliage, it's time to form your wreath base. Take 6-12 stems, depending on thickness, and wrap with wire on one end. Separate into three sections and begin braiding. As they begin to thin out, add more stems to each cluster until you have a braid at least the circumference of your wreath form. Attach the braid to your wreath form with wire, some stems may need to be worked until they bend sufficiently.

christmas wreath

Step Three

Using wire or hot glue, add a variety of gathered plant materials to your wreath. Keep going until it looks just right and don’t forget to lift it from the work surface periodically to see how it hangs. Remember, this is a creative process so play with asymmetry, textures, and colours.

christmas wreath

Step Four

Now it's complete, it's time to hang and admire your creation. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, you can place it on your front door or above a mantelpiece in the living room.

Wreath-Making Classes & Tutorials

If a rustic wreath isn't your style, these upcoming classes and DIY wreath tutorials might take your fancy. From traditional wreath designs to quirky styles, there's something to match every Christmas scheme.

Timeless Classic

Philippa Craddock
diy christmas wreath

One of the most renowned and highly respected florists in the world, Philippa Craddock works with leading fashion institutions as well as an array of private clients. Sharing her innovative and sustainable techniques, Philippa’s Christmas Design Masterclass launches on 7th December but you must sign up by 30th November. A little different from previous years, you can now choose from two wonderful themes: Festive Calm and Nordic Evergreen. As usual, they will both feature filmed tutorials, step-by-step guides and a live Q&A with Philippa.

Far From Ordinary

Zoe Pocock
diy christmas wreath

After 15 years working in the fashion and beauty industry, Zoe Pocock turned her love of design and passion for upcycling into Muck N Brass. Creating unique and original pieces from her workshop in South East London, she also hosts regular upcycling and upholstery workshops. Her upcoming 'Kitsch' wreath workshops will be held in London, Cheshire and via Zoom this year, where you’ll be able to design and make your very own one-off piece of kitsch art using a combination of vintage dolls, new dolls and toys saved from landfill.

Events starting from 27th November, £60, London, Cheshire and via Zoom.

Cool & Contemporary

diy christmas wreath

McQueens Flowers have been telling stories with flowers since 1991, building a reputation around the world for creating beautiful and memorable floral creations perfectly matched to every occasion and setting. Led by their expert tutor team, they’ll be hosting Champagne tasting and wreath making workshops throughout November and December. Delving into the magical world of wreath-making, you will not only master the technical skills but create a show-stopping design to take home.

Classes are held throughout November and December, £175, London.

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