Scent the Season: Winter Home Fragrance

2 Nov 2022

Designed by AMARA Christmas

From home cooking and crackling log fires to Christmas markets and the crisp winter air, the holiday season is already filled with endless scents that make this time of year extra special. As Christmas draws closer and we head into the heart of winter, now’s the best time to swap out your usual home fragrance for something a little more magical...

Rich & Spicy / agneskantaruk

Beautifully rich and oh so delicious, nothing tickles the senses quite like a spicy fragrance. From cinnamon and clove to ginger and cardamom, these mouth-watering notes are perfect for instantly uplifting your home this time of year.

Warm & Woody / Maya Kruchancova

Escape to the forest this Christmas with a warm and woody scent; think cosy cabins, festive getaways, and crackling fires. Filling your home with notes of cedarwood, pine or fir will transform your home into your very own winter wonderland.

Fresh & Frosty / magdal3na

Reminiscent of crisp winter walks, fallen snow, and soft sunrises, a refreshing scent is the perfect choice to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home. From fresh citrus to cool mint and sparkling prosecco, these frost-bitten fragrances will transition beautifully into the new year.

Fun & Fruity

Fruit and Christmas go hand in hand, from the orange or clementine we get in our stockings on Christmas morning, to the candied fruits in our Christmas puddings and mince pies. The key fruit often found in festive home fragrances is orange as it has long been a symbol of the season and gives any scent a seductive tang. A perfect choice for those that love invigorating scents year round but still want a festive touch for their home fragrance as winter sets in.

Sugary & Sweet

For every person that loathes sugary sweet home fragrances, there is another who simply can’t get enough of them. From classic vanilla notes to warm caramel, these scents are delightfully buttery at the base and many notes are combined with spices to form fragrant representations of favourite sweet treats such as toasted brioche, cinnamon buns and macarons. Fabulous for certain areas in the home such as kitchens or dining rooms as the dessert course is served, they will infuse the home with sumptuous sweetness this Christmas.

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