Top 10 Bauble Trends For 2019

quirky christmas decorations

Every year there’s a new trend to follow, whether it’s a new colour theme, decorating style or must-have ornament there’s a lot to take in. Luckily, we’ve done all of the hard for you and found the very best that Christmas 2019 has to offer, from the classically festive to the playful and quirky. Come with us and take look at our favourite baubles of the year and the 2019 Christmas trends that you need to know about…

sealife christmas decorations

1. Sealife

Going for an “under the sea” look this year? The Sealife trend is for you. From shells and fish to crabs and dolphins, if it lives in the water it can live on your tree. If you are more of a traditionalist but would like to dip your toes in, our top tip is to buy in pairs so they look like they should be there and not landed by accident. After all, everyone needs a friend, even a crab.

colourful christmas decorations

2. Retro

There’s no denying that we can’t get enough of all things retro. If it’s old, we’re into it. So embrace your past and decorate your tree with some vintage fancies. From jukeboxes and guitars to toys and more, you can relive your childhood.

white christmas look
white christmas decorations

3. Cold As Ice

Sometimes the more classic, the better. And the Snowdrift look does classic winter wonderland like no other. Elegantly understated and effortlessly on-trend, this look will make the warm glow of a fire and a snug, fluffy blanket all the more appealing. Don’t forget to add a touch of sparkle from sequins and diamond encrusted designs. It is Christmas after all.

food theme christmas decorations

4. Food, Glorious Food

Surely it’s everyone’s favourite part of Christmas? From mince pies and cakes to sweets, mulled wine and the main event: the dinner, at Christmas we can’t get enough. So why not celebrate that? Decorations have taken a turn for the weird and wonderful over the past few years, and designers have cottoned onto the fact that one thing we all love is food.

Don’t think it has to be Christmas themed either. Doughnuts, burgers and hot dogs are popular choices and lovers of a classic afternoon tea can also enjoy biscuit and cake shaped ornaments. If you’re crazy for California rolls, there are even sushi decorations available, so all tastes are covered.

travel inspired tree decorations
travel inspired tree decorations

5. Wanderlust

Sometimes, when you’re knee deep in wrapping paper, accepting food deliveries and arranging loved one’s schedules it can be tempting to slope off somewhere. Anywhere. But by the end, when you’re laying down with a full belly, surrounded by friends and family, it was all worth it. With travel inspired tree decorations your dreams or memories of jetting off can be proudly on displayed. From famous USA cities and states to popular European destinations, you can showcase just how well-travelled you are.

quirky christmas decorations

6. The Quirkier, The Better

Every eclectic lover’s dream. The quirky decorations. When it comes to this look, you know the score. It’s here that we can really embrace the mad, the hare-brained and the outrageous. From robots and trainers to flowers, sunglasses and even the King of Rock’n’Roll, there’s so much to choose from. We can’t get enough of it.

For the dedicated, go wild. Pair a lightning bolt with a pair of lips, you know how to work this look. For the intrigued, adding a few statement quirky numbers can really give your Christmas decor a new lease of life. You never know, you might be converted.

Rainbow christmas decorations

7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

There’s no denying it. The rainbow look is going to be big this year. Predicted to be this year’s “it look”, embracing all the colours of the rainbow is a sure fire way to make a statement this Christmas, and send those Instagram likes through the roof. Amara's Disco trend is the perfect way to embrace it too.

An easy way to achieve this is by letting go of any fear of colour clashing and scatter the shades across your tree. It’ll be a show-stopping look for sure. The beauty of this look is that you can pick up any bauble that takes your fancy. Purple finial? Stick it in between your favourite red onion and blue spiral. It’s like painting with Christmas decorations.

If the thought of mixing your primary colours is not sitting so harmoniously with you, consider showcasing the full colour spectrum across your tree, starting with red at the top make your way through yellows, greens, blues and purples. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need considerably more coloured baubles at the base of your tree, so pick a colour you’ll be happy to buy a lot of.

8. Celestial

This year we’re shooting for the stars when it comes to Christmas decorating. Taking inspiration from galaxies far, far away, this look is all about all things bright & beautiful. From moons and stars to rockets, UFOs and galaxy swirls. Celestial will blast your tree into the stratosphere.

golden christmas decorations

9. Voyage

Looking for something classic with a twist? Voyage is for you. Inspired by antiquity & travel, it’s all about gold, glitter and vintage finishes. A cosy look that’s ideal for a cosy family Christmas, Voyage will look at home in any space. Pair with deep greens, earthy browns & glistening golds.

wedgwood christmas decorations
Image courtesy of Wedgwood

10. Wonderfully Whimsical

Would it be Christmas without a touch of whimsy? Wonderfully sweet and endearing, you can create a charming winter wonderland with this look. Think pastel colours, playful patterns & quirky designs and spread out throughout your tree. It’s perfect for adding a dash of whimsy to your favourite look.