Based out of San Francisco, California, Indian-born designer Nima Oberoi heads and designs the wildly successful signature home
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Nima Oberoi founded company Lunares in 1996 and has not found success hard to come by. Enjoying incredible growth over its 19 year existence the company has quickly become renowned across the world for its exclusive designs, timeless quality and trendsetting techniques. Specialising in living and work spaces and boasting over 600 products in 16 distinctive collections, their unique quality has led Lunares to become one of the best in its field.

The company takes pride in specialist, traditional practices but have also worked alongside the growing automated culture of modern life to pioneer many revolutionary techniques, finishes and standards that have gone on to become the golden standard for metal work. Each piece made by the company has been crafted by hand in Nima’s family factory in Rajasthan, India, where no two items produced are ever alike. Stunning in quality and style, Lunares designs are sure to transform any home.

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