Incense Boxes

Infuse your home with luxurious aroma with our selection of incense sticks & boxes. A powerful way to beautifully scent your
Opulent incense boxes placed on a gunmetal table from fornasetti and kartell, with metallic tassels in and around the boxes.
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Incense Boxes

Incense sticks are one of the oldest forms of home fragrance with historical references dating back at least 3500 years. Still extremely popular today, they are a powerful way to beautifully scent your home and with a holder they can remain safely lit until they burn out. 

To use, light the coated tip of the stick, once a flame appears let it burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame and you should see the tip glowing and fragrant smoke beginning to rise from it. Once this happens, place the stick in a secure holder that will catch the ash as it drops and never leave a burning incense stick unattended. 

With a wide selection of stunning presentation boxes available, there’s no excuse not to fill your home with the rich, exotic aromas of these home fragrance alternatives.

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