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Be transported with Claus Porto. For over 170 years, Claus Porto have created artisanal soaps and skincare handcrafted using
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Claus Porto

After soaps were withdrawn from Portuguese daily life and becoming available to only the wealthiest people, German pair Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder established the country’s first national soap and perfume factory in 1887. Named Claus & Schweder, the two men sold products under the name FPC, Fabrica de Produtos Chimicos Clause & Schweder Surcs, in order to stimulate belief that their products were in fact foreign imports whilst respecting the taste and expectations of high society customers.

The breakout of World War One put a halt to Clause & Schweder’s growth, closing their factory and fleeing the country in 1914. It wasn’t until 1918 that the former manager of the company Achilles de Brito and brother Alfonso founded their own company Ach Brita & Co. Lda; resurrecting the now bankrupt FPC brand having conquered their previously strong market. Their success was instantaneous, and the brothers enjoyed a remarkable rise through the decades.

Clause Porto wasn’t formed until 1994 after a partnership with American company Lafco NY. The brainchild of the Brito grandchildren Aquiles and Sonia, the brand rapidly conquered markets with its exceptional quality. Today Claus Porto now covers all manner of scents; releasing new luxurious smells whilst also recover its 19th Century perfumed roots.

From their traditional soaps to air diffusers, liquid soap, perfume and cologne, each Claus Porto smell combines tradition and modernity; glorifying luxury and glamour to fill every home with an unforgettable trip through the senses.

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