How to Achieve Wellness in the Home

Blue and mustard bedroom by Kesha Franklin
David A. Land Photography

Happiness begins at home so to help make yours your own personal sanctuary we’ve asked two top interior designers, Anu Kewalram and Kesha Franklin, their tips for promoting wellness in your living room and bedroom to help you make a start in creating a more mindful interior…

Living Room Wellness Tips from Anu Kewalram

Textures and Tactility

Soften clean lines, bare walls and open spaces by layering up the texture in your living room. A bit of texture can warm up even the most neutral of homes. Swap synthetic, man-made and shiny finishes with natural materials such as stained wood, jute, sisal, rattan, organic cotton and linen. If it’s cold outside, there is nothing cozier than a room with warm textures such as chunky knits, woolens and faux fur to sink into and snuggle up in. So from the rug under foot, to the mix of pillows, throws and accessories around the space, add as much texture as you can with natural materials to create an interesting mix of patterns and colors; drawing the senses to a feeling of comfort and restfulness.

Armchiar with cozy pillow and throw
Cozy textured armchair

Warm Uplifting Scents

The smell of cooked food, musty fabrics and stagnant air is not something that is going to make your home cozy. Set the mood with some soothing scents that can transport you to a little moment of escapism. Making sure that you air the house during the day, then in the evening light a candle or spray some eco-friendly room fragrance. Create a spa-like feel with relaxing scents such as lavender and fragrant lemongrass. You can bring the outdoors in with woody and smoky scents such as amber and patchouli. Scents, especially scented candles, have a powerful influence on our moods and they can effectively create a sense of calm and restfulness around a space.

styled coffee table with candles

Feeling at Home

We feel at home when we are surrounded by things we love. This can be plants and nature for some, or books and flowers for someone else. Our homes feel cozy when we instantly connect them with the things we love. Give a deeper meaning to your space with the things you love that can bring memories from someone loved, a place traveled or just pure happiness and satisfaction from something that was achieved through hard work. By carefully using these objects to decorate your space, you will be surrounded by things that bring you comfort. This will create an interior that is cozy and welcoming on different levels beyond just aesthetics.

Sideboard with photoframes against a blue wall

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Bedroom Wellness Tips from Kesha Franklin

More and more, self-care and wellness is becoming an essential part of our daily lives, with a key focus on rest and relaxation. As a designer, when it comes to being intentional about my clients’ wellness experience, I pay close attention to the bedroom. A few points to evoke calm and serenity are...

Kesha Franklin portrait
Rayon Richards Photography
Bedroom design by Kesha Franklin
Rayon Richards Photography

Keep your bedroom clutter-free, with crisp white sheets on the bed, plush textiles and colors that stimulate the senses like hues of purple, blue, gray and blush tones.

Bedroom design by Kesha Franklin
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Styled bed with throw pillows
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I also like to include soothing scents with soy candles, aroma diffusers and bed linen sprays. For window treatments, adding a layer of sheer panels is a great way diffuse the natural light for a morning glow experience.

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Anu Kewalram

Anu is an award winning creative who believes in the power of interiors to transform daily life. Her aesthetic is classic with a twist, timeless with an edge. Born and raised in Singapore, Anu gained experience initially in 2010 working personal projects before she went on to graduate with a distinction in Interior Design. She launched her own studio in 2019 to cater to the growing demand for her services.

Kesha Franklin

Kesha Franklin’s intuitive sense of style, creativity and harmony goes back to her formative years, where she discovered her father’s vast collection of Architectural Digest and the renowned GQ magazine. Her striking aesthetic at Halden Interiors is not only shaped by her ability to curate color palettes, balanced textures and distinct furnishings, but is also influenced by her ability to understand and connect with people.