How to Update Your Home for Fall

Sept 4, 2019

Side tables with candles

Cozy evenings, the satisfying crunch of leaves beneath your feet, burnt orange tones everywhere. These are a few of our favorite things about Fall. Love it or loathe it, the end of summer is edging ever closer. Light t-shirts will soon be replaced for cozy knits, and flip flops will become reacquainted with the back of the wardrobe once more. It’s the perfect time of year to refresh your wardrobe, but what about your interior? A few simple updates can take your home straight into the new season. We take a look how…

Step into the Dark Side

Whether you choose to update your soft furnishings or go bold with a whole new wall color, step into the dark side this autumn. Deep, dark blues and midnight forest greens are perfect for bringing those moody fall-evening-vibes into your home. A favorite of ours, the sophisticated Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball, is almost black in color, but paint it on a large area and you’ll discover those rich blue tones appear like the deepest parts of the ocean. Green more your thing? Studio Green has beautifully rich pigments which showcase only in light, turning it from almost-black to a striking deep green depending on the light source. Just perfect.

Dark blue dining room
Dark blue hallway

Of course, not everyone wants to commit to an entirely different color scheme this season. You can still achieve a cozy fall look with the right accessories. Leave the burnt oranges outside. A fresh take on fall accessorizing calls for rich jewel tones and deep, dark woods. Finish with some warm metallic accessories and you’ll create a look that will take you straight through to spring/summer.

Let’s Get Cozy

Cozy pillows on a sheepskin rug by the fire
Cozy sofa with pillows by the fire

Is there anything better than taking some time out, curling up with a good book and sipping a cup of your favorite coffee? Take inspiration from the Danes and put yourself first this fall. We’ve got one word for you: hygge. This cozy lifestyle concept isn’t going anywhere, and the fall months are the perfect time for truly embracing it. The key to achieving hygge in the home is with textures, and lots of them. Mad for mohair? Crazy for cashmere? Indulge yourself this season by filling your home with your favorite pieces. Pillows, throws, blankets. Even something as simple as a fluffy rug can turn a minimalist room into an fall hideaway. However you hygge this season, take the time to truly enjoy the space around you.

Let There Be Light

Bulb lamps

Now is the perfect time to invest in some extra lighting to make those dark mornings & evenings that little bit easier. The first thing you need to consider is what the lighting is for. Is it functional? Are you creating an atmosphere? Considering how the light source will be used is essential to determine the kind of lamps you need.

If there is a particular corner you want to illuminate for reading, or your dressing area needs brightening up, look to exposed-bulb and spotlight lamps. These are perfect for highlighting a certain area because the light source is uninterrupted by the shade. If you’re looking to add a cozy glow to your new-and-improved fall setting, you can have a little more fun with a variety of shades and styles. Even better, bring the outdoors in by investing in lighting in the rich tones of fall. Golds, coppers, plums and brass all work well.

Be Prepared

Muddy wellie boots on a rug

Fall evokes the image of crisp, sun-dappled days & crunchy leaves. But in reality, the change in weather means some days you’re going to find yourself dodging puddles in wet shoes. As the summer sun sets for another year and we feel the first chill of fall, it’s time to prepare your home for the turn in weather. Some simple additions to your porch or entrance way will prove invaluable at this time of year. A practical doormat to wipe muddy shoes, an umbrella stand so you’re always prepared and a sturdy coat hook to ensure you don’t bring the wet weather inside. Small additions to your home that will make a big difference on rainy days.

Think About Fragrance

Fall candles

Pumpkin Spice, crackling bonfires, cinnamon & apples. Some of the unmistakable scents of fall. These distinctive fragrances are one of the most important elements to consider when you’re transitioning your home throughout the seasons.

You’ve created an autumnal hideaway, but your ‘sea breeze’ scented candle isn’t complementing the cozy feel. To complete the scheme, swap your fresh, citrusy summer fragrances for something a little more moody this September. If you’re unsure, look out for fragrance descriptions that contain the words ‘spicy’, ‘woody’ and ‘smoky’. These will fill your home with a subtle warmth and the distinctive spicy tones that we associate with fall.