How to Update Your Bathroom with Accessories

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Bathrooms are a part of daily home life; they should be relaxing and stylish yet designed around practicality. Whether you live in a city apartment or country home, your bathroom (or bathrooms) should reflect your interior tastes whilst making the space a better environment to shower, bath and brush your teeth in. One of the easiest ways to update your existing bathroom in a quick and easy manner is to invest in some new accessories. From impossibly soft towels and bath mats to chic storage, mirrors & accessories, it’s easy to create a bathroom that’s worth hogging every morning.

traditional bathroom
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traditional bathroom
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Our Top Bathroom Updating Tips

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1) Bath Mats

A tired bath mat will really drag your whole bathroom look down. Update it to a new design, refreshing color, or even add a more textured bath mat into your bathroom for a quick and easy revamp. Create a warm and welcoming mood with soft and elegant honey colors; natural inspired hues will help to add a sense of calm to the room, perfect for unwinding.

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2) Bathroom Accessories

Coordinating bathroom accessories can really bring a whole room’s look together. From soap dishes to toilet brushes, it’s these small details that can make a big difference. Look to a material such as copper or marble to add an on-trend style injection to your bathroom. Add contrast with the powerful use of black and white; subtle variations in material and structure will also help to create interest.

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3) Decorative Accessories

From decorative bowls to pretty boxes, adding a few decorative accessories to your bathroom can add a touch of style to your existing space. Try adding complementing colours and materials to your existing decor to keep the room looking stylised. Fresh shades of blue combined with intriguing stone accessories will help to create an instant sense of true luxury.

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4) Storage

Bathrooms are a haven for accumulating ‘stuff’; from toiletries to towels, make sure you keep your storage stylish. By adding baskets and boxes you can keep your space clutter free, and ensure that all your beauty and toiletry musts are close at hand. Add a touch of serenity to your bathroom with a touch of green. This shade will help to invigorate a space and goes wonderfully with classic colors like black and white.

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5) Bathroom Bins

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